17 TV Performers We Want on Celebrity Big Brother!!

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It's about time the celebrity version of our favorite summer reality/competition show heads to the United States.

While other countries have had Celebrity Big Brother for years, we're going to have our first season this winter on CBS.

America's favorite summer addiction is going to take over our winter with a much shorter, star-studded season. (Don't worry, Julie Chen AKA the Chenbot will still be hosting!)

Below are 17 TV actors and actresses we'd cast for our dream season of Celebrity Big Brother.

1. Justin Hartley from This Is Us

Justin Hartley from This Is Us
Alas, Mr. Hartley is married, but for this case, let’s pretend that isn’t true. Given his very good physique, his acting talent, and endurance abilities, he would be one of the top competitors going into a faux season of Celebrity Big Brother. Being so attractive would definitely guarantee him a showmance with one of our choice ladies, too. I think we’d all just really appreciate seeing him shirtless in the Big Brother backyard.

2. Stephen Amell from Arrow

Stephen Amell from Arrow
Given Stephen Amell’s marital status too, let’s not make another pretend game and go with this. He’s married, so showmances are out of the question, but Mr. Amell’s good looks and charming personality will get him far. He’s one of the most liked actors on The CW, and that’s not just because of his (amazing) abs. He’s very fit, so physical competitions and endurance competitions would suit him well, but let’s not rule out his brain either. He’s proven himself to be quick thinking.

3. Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars

Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars
Troian has lived her adult life underneath a pretend staler on Pretty Little Liars, so she’s sure to have picked up on some clues on how to stay hidden (or mask her personality). She’s also just as smart, if not smarter, than Spencer Hastings, so the mental and endurance competitions would be a breeze for her. She’d be the one to beat with the most strategic gameplay.

4. Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars and Life Sentence (Coming on The CW!)

Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars and Life Sentence (Coming on The CW!)
Being tiny has to count for something in competitions, right? Also, if Lucy and Troian were in this together, we’d definitely see a strong alliance right from the start. Their friendship is strong, but what would it take to see them turn on another to get to the finish line? Could they betray one another? It’d be an interesting pair to see.

5. Jared Padalecki from Supernatural

Jared Padalecki from Supernatural
His nickname is "Moose," after all? He'd be nearly imposible to beat in strength competitions, but his body might just be his downfall in endurance competitions. Could he hold himself up for that long? Also, Jared is quite the prankster so he's make the house entertaining. Maybe he could make his fellow houseguests think it's haunted?

6. Candice Patton from The Flash

Candice Patton from The Flash
We’d love to see Candice conquer the Big Brother house. She’s classy and an all-around charmer. Maybe she’d even be part of a showmance? She has the wit to last her to the end if she plays her cards right, and she could do fairly well at the endurance competitions seeing as she’s a bit smaller than the rest, but strong.

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