17 TV Performers We Want on Celebrity Big Brother!!

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7. Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries
Paul has proven himself to be a capable, smart, multfaceted talent, so manipulating and acting his way to the top of the Big Brother house wouldn't be that hard. Also, he's far too attractive to not be involved in a showmance (or more than one). His intelligence would bode well for mental competitions, but as with any actor on The CW, his body is in top physical shape for the other competitions.

8. Téa Leoni from Madam Secretary

Téa Leoni from Madam Secretary
Playing the Secretary of State has to count for something, right? Plus, as the oldest of the bunch, she has the most experience with people and manipulating them to get what she wants. She’d be a singular entity, and probably not as good at physical competitions, but her strategy could help place the winner. Would the veto throw her off every week?

9. Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds

Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds
No season is complete without a total geek, and he’s just that. Taking after his character Spencer Reid who has an astounding memory, his smarts could take him all the way. Align himself with the right people during the weeks of physical competitions, and win the mental competitions, and that sounds like a recipe for success. Also, he's a little weird so he'd be insanely fun to watch.

10. Evan Peters from American Horror Story

Evan Peters from American Horror Story
No one has played as many strange characters as he has. Will this give him an advantage or be his downfall though? I could see Evan getting under everyone’s skin to manipulate them to further his own game, taking a few things from his abundance of psychotic characters. As for a showmance: it’s possible, with the right person.

11. Jarod Joseph - The 100

Jarod Joseph - The 100
He is very into sports from what we know, so he'd be challenging at physical competitions. Besides that? He seems mysterious. We don't know much about him and maybe that's on us, but it's like he doesn't share as much online as other actors can sometimes. Which can work in a strategic competition if you're more on the unknown side.

12. Aisha Dee from The Bold Type

Aisha Dee from The Bold Type
Aisha seems like the type of person that everyone gets along with; her fellow Bold Type cast members love her, and her old Sweet/Vicious castmates. She seems to have a lot in common with Kat; she's the life of the party, exuberant, and she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Could likeability get her to the end?

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