17 Unpopular Opinions in the TV World

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Whether differences in opinion about certain couples, deaths, or story arcs, there's always a significant buzz around differing opinions about your favorite shows, usually on either Reddit or Twitter. 

They don't necessarly have to be in disagreement with the writers or producers because fanbases are strong.

 23 'Ships Almost Everyone Can Agree On

We've compiled a list of some unpopuar opinions surrounding popular shows -- and we just happen to agree with them. Some might make you think, while others might cause some immediate conflict.

Take it to the comments; we're ready for a heated discussion about all the valid (and invalid) points!

1. How I Met Your Mother - Ted and Robin Forever

Yes, the show is called How I Met Your Mother, but it was more of the journey rather than the destination. Maybe Cristin Milioti deserved a better ending and a longer plotline, but Robin Scherbatsky was always going to be Ted's "one that got away." So, Ted and Robin forever!

2. Grey's Anatomy - Deaths were for the Better

Although the deaths of McDreamy, McSteamy, Lexi, and of course George were deeply emotional, they were important for the growth of Meredith, Alex, and the show. Some of them may have come unexpectedly, but we always enjoy the unpredictable.

3. Pretty Little Liars - Emily and Paige Should've Ended Up Together

Perhaps more of a polarizing opinion than just an unpopular one, Emily and Paige from Pretty Little Liars were meant to be together. Sure, they may have had a rocky relationship before they were together, but we like to argue that Emily and Allison had an unhealthy relationship through and through.

4. Big Little Lies - Someone Else Should've Killed Perry

Bonnie's part in Perry's death on Big Little Lies seemed unnecessary. It would have been more logical to come from Celeste, Madeleine, or Jane. Bonnie really had no connection to Perry, and it would've added so much more drama if one of the others had taken down Perry. While her actions eventually made sense, it doesn't mean we have to like it.

5. The Fosters - Callie and Brandon's Relationship Wasn't Questionable

This one is slightly more controversial, and their relationship was iffier, but Callie and Brandon weren't blood, and they had a genuine connection and attraction to each other. They were cute, but as star-crossed lovers, they learned the lesson that sometimes love isn't meant to be.

6. Younger - The Publishing Feud is a Waste of Time

The feud between Millennial and Mercury on Younger was a waste of time and only fulfilled the necessity of conflict somewhere in the storyline.

7. Euphoria - Rue and Lexi are Meant to Be

Euphoria's storyline focuses on Rue and Jules and their relationship but has only hinted at the possibility of more than friendship from Lexi for Rue. Lexi has been a steadfast friend for Rue, and Jules only seems to put Rue in more emotional distress with her more fluid approach to relationships. Rue needs stability.

8. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Susie's the Bulk of the Humor

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is about the liberation of a trophy wife breaking into the male-dominated comedy scene. But arguably, Susie is much funnier than Miriam, and there should be at least one sketch that includes a two-woman act showcasing Susie.

9. Glee Should've Had An Earlier End Date

Glee's split storyline between life in New York and Lima, Ohio, kept the show beyond its expiration date. If they wanted it to stretch four seasons, it should've started with the characters all in freshman year. Instead, the show was left riding out a few seasons beyond its hype.

10. Criminal Minds - JJ and Spencer Are an Emphatic NO

Why? Why did there have to be a blurring of the lines between friendship and romance for JJ and Spencer? Of course, there's no hope for their relationship to go beyond friendship since JJ is married and there is only one season remaining. So why did they have to get our hopes up?

11. Stranger Things - Billy's Death Was Good

Billy's death on Stranger Things seemed inevitable. Anybody who's inhabited by the Demogorgon really has no chance for survival -- unless you're Eleven. A popular belief is that Billy should have lived, but his storyline was already over. They wouldn't have used him much as much in the third season if he wasn't disposable.

12. Killing Eve - A Romantic Relationship Between Eve and Vilanelle Shouldn't Happen

Everyone's dream of Villanelle and Eve ending up together is highly unrealistic. The biggest question is what happens after? If they really got together, they could never live in harmony. Villanelle's on some sort of "most wanted" list, and Eve is an MI6 agent. So, can it.

13. YOU - Joe's Not Evil

Working through Joe's childhood trauma put him at odds with the universe. Whether people are inherently evil is at play on You, and we're positing that in Joe's case, he was only doing what he knew, That's not an excuse for what he did, but it doesn't seem like what he did to get Beck are too far off from the norm these days.

14. Broad City - Abbi's Bisexual Storyline was Irrelevant

Abbi's character on Broad City only explored her bisexuality for a few episodes in the final season, and it deserved a deeper exploration. They only briefly touched on it while they should've either cut out her bisexual storyline altogether if it wasn't deeply explored or at least given it a run for an entire season.

15. The Bold Type - Kat and Adena's Relationship Shouldn't Be Put on Hold

Kat and Adena's relationship was put on pause during the season finale of The Bold Type, and we don't agree with Kat's decision that got us there. Sure, she may need to focus on herself, but she had so much time to do it during the year Adena was gone that we call foul for the hold getting used only to create tension and suspension. We all know they're going to end up together anyway!

16. Jane the Virgin - Michael's Death Should Have Been Final

Jane the Virgin takes on the typicalness of the telenovela genre, so of course, Michael's death was false. We would have preferred he just died altogether. Being alive didn't do much for the storyline, since he didn't steal away Jane from Rafael, and there was no significant lesson learned.

17. Single Parents - Angie and Will Should Stay Friends

The relations between the parents on Single Parents, especially between Will and Angie, should not go forth! Angie and Will are great as friends, and TV shows need to commit to building strong female and male friendships.

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