17 VinCat Pics That Make Us Yearn for Yesterday

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We know how much you miss Vincent and Catherine showing their love on Beauty and the Beast, so this is our Valentine to you.

Seventeen photos to remember VinCat as they were and how they will be again, CW be willing!

Sit back, enjoy the memories and Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Just Talking

Just Talking
Not every moment of a loving relationship is about being smooshed together and that's fine. Talking is just as special as a fiery kiss.

2. Gazing into Vincent's Eyes

Gazing into Vincent's Eyes
Remember how often Cat used to look into Vincent's eyes? Once she started, she just couldn't stop. We're ready for them to find their way back to each other now.

3. Before They Kissed

Before They Kissed
Remember the night they almost kissed and we were duped again? Before VinCat, they were Vin and Cat. We're waiting patiently for VinCat once again.

4. 23 Dates and No Nookie?

23 Dates and No Nookie?
They're just talking and Vincent wasn't gettin' any from Cat as J.T. pointed out with a laugh to Vincent in this episode. Who cares? They were already in love!

5. Let's Spend the Night Together

Let's Spend the Night Together
Their love was once so young and fresh. Even with a task force set up to frame him, nothing could drag these lovers apart. Come back to Vin, Cat!

6. He Brought Flowers

He Brought Flowers
It's Valentine's Day. He may be alone this year, but someday, we expect them to get it right.

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Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Cat: Vincent last night was...
Vincent: Incredible.
Cat: No, I was going to say a mistake.

Cat: I cannot justify going for tea with my mom's sisters when somebodies hunting Vincent.
Tess: They're not hunting Vincent, they're hunting beasts. They don't even know that he is one.