18 Former Contestants Who Need To Be On Bachelor In Paradise Season Four

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As another season of The Bachelor comes to an end, we can take comfort in the fact that there is a season of The Bachelorette around the corner to look forward to. And while there is no doubt in my mind that Rachel will be a great Bachelorette, my heart is already on beach in Mexico.

Bachelor in Paradise was renewed for a fourth season at the end of last summer, and I’ve been daydreaming about who will cry, sweat and propose on my TV next.

Some of these former contestants we want to see find love, and some we just want to see get drunk with whoever they replace Jorge The Bartender with. (We miss you already, Jorge).

Others have visited Paradise before, but left with nothing but a tan or a sunburn. One thing they all have in common (if my Instagram stalking is accurate) is that they are all still single and looking for love… and more followers to sell Fit Tea to.

Check out our dream cast for Bachelor in Paradise season four, and comment anyone you would add to the crew below.

1. Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley
Clare needs to find love, and we need an update on the raccoon she “talked” to during Bachelor in Paradise seasons one and two. It’s a win-win!

2. Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson
Chad’s last visit to Paradise was cut short, and based on his snapchats, he is still looking for company outside of his dog. It’s time to give Chad another opportunity to eat meat, get mad and find someone he can share his protein with.

3. Corinne Olympios

Corinne Olympios
There are lot of reasons we NEED Corinne on Bachelor in Paradise (another cameo from Raquel for starters), but speaking of Chad, seeing two of the most infamous villains in Bachelor history go on a date would be so monumental, Twitter might have to take a personal day.

4. Daniel Maguire

Daniel Maguire
Everyone’s favorite Canadian (besides Drake) provided endless laughs and over-the-top moments on the last season of BIP, and it would just feel wrong to go on without him.

5. Olivia Caridi

Olivia Caridi
Olivia has had time to recover from the aftermath of being a hated Bachelor villain, so naturally I think it’s time for her to give it another go. She fell hard and fast for Ben H, so I imagine she will be just as dramatic, emotional and awkward (never forget that cankles conversation or Vegas dance) in Paradise.

6. Chris Soules

Chris Soules
Prince Farming needs a break from Iowa and another shot at finding a wife. Chris proved to be up for anything during his season of The Bachelor, and Paradise might be the perfect place to convince someone they want to continue their vacation on a farm.

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