18 TV Shows About TV Shows

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It seems like a pretty weird concept, but sometimes there's nothing better than watching a TV show that is literally about a fictional TV show.

Some of the best ones are about producing the news, and others have focused on reality television or sitcoms. Aaron Sorkin even did it more than once.

From classic sitcoms to modern dramas, here are 18 TV shows that are about TV shows.

1. UnReal

UnReal took everyone by surprise. A Lifetime original scripted series, it follows a group of producers working on a show that is almost exactly like The Bachelor. And the things the producers have to do to make the show happen? It gets dark, guys.

2. Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown
Murphy Brown is a CBS classic. The show follows investigative journalist and news anchor Murphy Brown, who is also a recovering alcoholic. She's tough, successful, and doesn't back down.

3. Notorious

Notorious is currently the replacement for Scandal while it's on hiatus. It follows a criminal defense attorney and a news producer who work together to manupulate the media in order to win cases.

4. The Newsroom

The Newsroom
Created by Aaron Sorkin, HBO's The Newsroom focuses on Will McAvoy and the rest of the team at ACN, a fictional news channel, as they try to put out honest, real news in a world where media is changing.

5. Sports Night

Sports Night
Another Aaron Sorkin classic, Sports Night revolves around a sports news show which is called, you guessed it, Sports Night. Check out that cast -- see any familiar faces?

6. 30 Rock

30 Rock
We obviously can't forget 30 Rock, a quirky comedy that follows Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) as the head writer of an NBC show that's a lot like Saturday Night Live (only more bizarre).

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