19 Beloved Series That Fell Into a Slump!

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Sometimes some of our favorite series despite their best efforts experience a slump. 

There are many reasons why a beloved series could find themselves churning out a lackluster season to the disappointment of fans. 

There are times when the writing is inconsistent, or the character development is lacking, or maybe there are too many plots or not enough of them. There is also an argument for some of these shows to have shorter seasons for the sake of tighter storytelling overall. 

Be warned TV Fanatics, some of the shows that made it to this (previously assembled) list were casualties of Bloody Friday and Slaughterday. Sorry! That makes their cancellations all the harder to bear knowing they didn't go out on their best note. 

Check out our list of shows that experienced a rough patch, and sound off below if you agree, disagree, or have some suggestions of your own!

1. Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon
This one hurts badly. By now, fans are exhausted from the rollercoaster ride of Lethal Weapon behind the scenes drama and cast-shakeups. This show used to be one of the best FOX had to offer, and it was the strongest of this irritating reboot frenzy. It was a beloved series at TV Fanatic. Forgive me for speaking in past tense because with the abrupt firing of the supremely talented but seemingly controversial Clayne Crawford, I don't believe the series will be the same. It was renewed, and Seann William Scott is joining the cast, but only time will tell how the series will carry on.

Rocky cases, underused or uninteresting characters, and disjointed storytelling are a few of the reasons the series made it to this list. The biggest issue, however, is there was no end to Martin Riggs' pain and suffering. It's tough because if Riggs made too much progress, then it defeated the purpose of him being this troubled character. On the other hand, if he didn't make any progress or backpedaled it was redundant and not the least bit compelling. The series struggled a great deal this season pulling off the balance, and it missed it yet again with that finale.

It made for a heavy season weighed down by an unbearable amount of angst heaped upon this one character. Riggs had to be the most tragic individual on air. Riggs' tragic background and flashbacks were emotionally exhaustive. Perhaps there were signs along the way without us realizing it because Riggs' angst strained the friendship between Riggs and Murtaugh; there was a noticeable distance between them for most of the season. The heart of the series was the Murtaugh/Riggs partnership, and when that suffered, the show suffered. On that note, it's difficult to say how the new dynamic will play out onscreen now because Lethal Weapon was Riggs and Murtaugh and their kickass partnership.

2. Modern Family

Modern Family
Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Possibly. Modern Family is beginning to show it's age. The series has been on the air for nearly a decade now. The majority of the kids are grown or are adults, and that has made the series lose some of its chutzpah. The comedic timing has been off for most of the season, and it didn't pack the punch it used to with the comedy.

3. Scorpion

Another series that was visited by the grim reaper, Scorpion was one of those fun shows that usually pulled off the kooky and silly. That being said, the series pushed the boundaries of belief suspension. It tested the limits of fans mindlessly enjoying some of their implausible cases. It led to the adverse effect and sucked the fun out of most them.

Cabe's troubles never felt as dire as the show attempted to make them, and it never felt like the series was in danger of losing him. That also applied to the many times where a team member was in mortal danger.

The majority of the season was bogged down by relationship drama. The love triangle of sorts (or was it a quadrangle if you included Sly?) between Walter, Paige, and Florence was interminable. It made it to the season (now series) finale, which ended things on a sour note, to the extreme annoyance of fans. It's devastating that the series went out on such a sour note.

4. Arrow

Arrow's biggest pitfall this season was the never-ending inter-team squabbles. The infighting among the original Team Arrow and New Team Arrow was too much. What makes it worse is that both sides may have had valid points in the midst of the all the tension, but there was no way it played out where fans couldn't lean more towards OTA, even with Oliver's pesky trust issues.

Fans spent more time with the original members, and a rift spearheaded by a newer character who has at best been polarized since his arrival didn't do NTA any favors. Their actions were reprehensible all throughout, and it was never an even issue. NTA were wrong. Period. Any attempts at developing or adding layers to NTA to further endear them to the audience backfired. On top of that, the big bad of the season wasn't the least bit interesting.

5. Supernatural

A series that has been on for 13 years is going to hit a few rough patches, and Supernatural is no exception. The season kicked things off on a promising note by setting the season up to explore a brand new world. Unfortunately, the show didn't bother to truly delve into this new world until the end of the season. The show meandered along, and most of the season was forgettable. There was so much wasted potential. Nothing says slump like wasted potential.

6. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor
To be fair, the second half of the season picked up, but that's due to the effects of the midseason finale and recurring guest stars like Kim Raver, Michael J. Fox, and Breckin Meyer. A series that relies on two time jumps in the same season would find itself losing steam.

Designated Survivor's identity crisis is the main issue. The show lost sight of its premise. Is it a political thriller or a political drama? There were terrorist attacks, conspiracies, and so many other plots happening at once that you felt you were being pulled in a million directions. The show had a difficult time spinning all their plates at once, and they often forgot some of their own storylines or wrapped them up in anti-climactic ways

In the meantime, one of the series' best characters, Aaron, was criminally and inexplicably underused all season. Hannah's job description was unfathomable to the tune of being utterly ridiculous, and Damian's presence in the season was a nuisance more than anything else. The 'ship between Seth and Emily was unpopular, and characters like Lyor were hit or miss all season. Designated Survivor's cancellation came as no surprise, sadly.

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