19 Creepy TV Shows: So Many Thrills and Chills!

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Movies have always been better known for terrorizing us than television, but we don't need to look back at Alfred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone to get our thrills from the small screen anymore.

TV is delivering scares in a big way.

Whether you are afraid of dreams, vampires, serial killers, things that go bump in the night, demons, robots or TV itself, you can find something that will frighten you half to death.

1. The Exorcist - FOX

The Exorcist - FOX
Hey, what if we take the scariest movie of all time, make you care about about a family suffering a similar fate and prove they're in the same universe, and then slowly reveal there's a lot more to this story than you imagined. Hooked, reel us in and get ready to be terrorised even more than we were with that train scene!

2. Channel Zero: Candle Cove - Syfy

Channel Zero: Candle Cove - Syfy
Remember those fun TV shows with puppets you watched as a kid? What if they only existed in your head and made you and your friends do crazy stuff you're only learning about as an adult? Awesome.

3. American Horror Story - FX

American Horror Story - FX
Whether they're in a house pumped full of ghosts, an old asylum, traveling with a freak show, following a coven of witches or putting a new spin on the old mysteries of Roanake, AHS is going to scare the pants off of you.

4. Westworld - HBO

Westworld - HBO
You know what's scarier than a rogue robot that looks just like a human? An actual human without any filter or remorse. Really.

5. Z Nation - Syfy

Z Nation - Syfy
Yeah, this one gets silly, but wasn't it about time somebody did? With all the shows about zombies out there, nobody stopped to think about how ludicrous the idea was while still creeping us the eff out.

6. Van Helsing - Syfy

Van Helsing - Syfy
She has the family name, and her resurrection plops her down right in the middle of a worldwide vampire takeover. She's humanities last hope. Have fun, Vanessa!

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