19 Insignificant Relationships We Barely Remember

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Before the epic romance of the show can happen, characters always have that insignificant relationship that commonly goes nowhere.

A guest star usually shows up for a short arc and are never seen or heard from again after they break up with whoever they're dating.

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It's these types of relationships that we usually forgot until a picture or rewatch jogs our memories.

We've created a list below of 19 insignificant relationships we barely remember. 

1. Nathan and Peyton - One Tree Hill

Nathan and Peyton - One Tree Hill
We only saw them together for a couple of episodes and the two were never romantic again. But it was for the best because both Nathan and Peyton belonged with other people.

2. Chidi and "The Real Eleanor" - The Good Place

Chidi and "The Real Eleanor" - The Good Place
Remember Vicky? Otherwise known as "The Real Eleanor?" Even though Vicky was just with Chidi to manipulate him and cause problems, we still forget that they were ever an item.

3. Barry and Linda - The Flash

Barry and Linda - The Flash
This was a real blast from the past. Long before Barry and Iris were married, Barry actually dated Iris' co-worker for a short time.

4. Jake and Sophia - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Sophia - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy have been together and in love for so long now that we actually forget that there was a time when they weren't. Sophia wasn't necessarily a bad love interest for Jake, but their relationship was short-lived and very insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

5. Archie and Miss Grundy - Riverdale

Archie and Miss Grundy - Riverdale
Maybe "purposely repressed" is a better way to put it. This relationship was illegal and wrong, and we don't even understand why Riverdale had to go there in the first place. Especially when all it did was bring the show down.

6. Ben and Penelope - One Day at a Time

Ben and Penelope - One Day at a Time
They were cute for the two episodes that they lasted, but unfortunately, nothing else ever came of this relationship as Penelope realized she wasn't ready to be with anyone.

7. Kara and Adam - Supergirl

Kara and Adam - Supergirl
Adam showed up just long enough to give Kara a smooch and was never seen or heard from again. Are we sure we didn't imagine the whole thing? Was Blake Jenner ever really on Supergirl?

8. Dean and Lisa - Supernatural

Dean and Lisa - Supernatural
It was cute while it lasted, but that's the thing. Dean and Lisa were never going to last. On a show that's about to start on its 15th season, a relationship that went on for half a season 10 years ago just isn't relevant anymore.

9. Aria and Noel - Pretty Little Liars

Aria and Noel - Pretty Little Liars
This fling just feels like a bad dream. It's a shame because Aria and Noel were such an amazing couple in the book series, but we can't say the same for the show.

10. Oliver and McKenna - Arrow

Oliver and McKenna - Arrow
Oliver had a lot of love interests over the course of the show, but McKenna completely slipped our minds. It's a shame because she was actually a great character. How is McKenna doing now? The world will probably never know.

11. Callie and Wyatt - The Fosters

Callie and Wyatt - The Fosters
It may have seemed important during the first season, but Callie and Wyatt's relationship feels like it happened a lifetime ago. Out of all the love interests Callie's had, Wyatt is by far the least memorable.

12. Donna and Casey - That 70's Show

Donna and Casey - That 70's Show
Remember when Donna had a thing with Kelso's brother? Because we only kind of do. Talk about a blast from the past.

13. Rick and Jessie - The Walking Dead

Rick and Jessie - The Walking Dead
Honestly, Jessie was just kind of there. Her relationship with Rick was dull and everyone knew that he was meant to be with Richonne.

14. Carrie and Berger - Sex and the City

Carrie and Berger - Sex and the City
This is another one that we had to repress because it was just too painful. The Post-it note Berger left as a way of breaking up with Carrie was not something we want to remember.

15. Simon and Maureen - Shadowhunters

Simon and Maureen - Shadowhunters
It really took some digging to remember that these two were a thing. Maureen had a crush on Simon way back in the day, and they gave things a shot. But it didn't last long at all for quite a few different reasons.

16. Finn and Clarke - The 100

Finn and Clarke - The 100
In our defense, the only reason we forgot about them is because the show does a horrible job at reminding us. It's a little weird that this relationship was so important to Clarke, but she has seemingly forgotten that the boy she loved ever existed.

17. Jonah and Kristen - Superstore

Jonah and Kristen - Superstore
The only thing that was significant about this relationship, was that we got to see Amy a little jealous of it. In fact, Jonah was so obviously into Amy that him trying to play off his feelings caused Kristen to end things with him. And despite being Glenn's daughter, she was never seen again.

18. Tom and Ann - Parks and Recreation

Tom and Ann - Parks and Recreation
These two were miserable together and we can't believe they were ever a thing. The relationship was completely random, lasted barely a few episodes, and really had no point.

19. Blaine and Karofsky - Glee

Blaine and Karofsky - Glee
Considering the past that Kurt and Blaine had with Karofsky this one was a bit of a shocker. But it was short-lived, and all it really did, in the long run, was push Blaine and Kurt back together.

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