19 Kisses That Happened Under Life or Death Circumstances

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Put two characters who obviously have feelings for each other in a life or death situation, and things are bound to happen.

Is it bad that sometimes the best and most intense moments happen when the people who make up our favorite ship are about to die?

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When you think you're a goner and you have nothing else to lose, naturally, you put it all on the line. 

We put together a list of 19 kisses that happened under life or death circumstances!

1. Dean and Jo - Supernatural

Dean and Jo - Supernatural
Dean and Jo had so much potential that went to waste. After Jo was attacked by hell hounds, she decides to go out with a bang and save both the Winchesters. Dean realizes how much he cares about her too late and kisses Jo moments before she and her mother set off the bomb.

2. Iris and Barry - The Flash

Iris and Barry - The Flash
A tsunami powered by a supervillain is heading towards the city, but Iris refuses to run and leave Barry behind. She confesses that she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him, and they kiss right before Barry reveals himself as the Flash and accidentally travels back in time. In other words, the kiss was erased from existence, but Barry still remembered it clear as day.

3. Carter and Abby - ER

Carter and Abby - ER
After being quarantined together due to a smallpox outbreak that could potentially kill them, Carter and Abby finally kiss.

4. Max and Fran - The Nanny

Max and Fran - The Nanny
Max and Franny finally kiss when they think the plane they're on is going to crash and they're about to die. Of course, they don't. And it actually has some pretty comical repercussions.

5. Jonah and Amy - Superstore

Jonah and Amy - Superstore
When a tornado hits the store, Jonah and Amy find shelter in each other. They both think they're about to die, so Amy finally gives in to her feelings and kisses him. Thankfully, they live, but a heartbroken Jonah is forced to watch Amy run into her husband's arms after the storm passes.

6. Skye and Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye and Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
We're still not sure how much of this was real, but Ward's feelings for Skye was the only thing that seemed genuine about him. With Ward going on a potential suicide mission, Sky agrees to have a drink with him if they make it out, and pulls him in for a kiss.

7. Chuck and Sarah - Chuck

Chuck and Sarah - Chuck
After failing to disarm what they think is a bomb, Sarah kisses Chuck before they die. But then...they don't. Awkward, yet beautiful.

8. Karolina and Nico - Marvel's Runaways

Karolina and Nico - Marvel's Runaways
Their parents could very possibly destroy the world at any moment, and neither Karolina or Nico are sure of what they're about to face. Karolina kisses Nico before it all goes down, just in case she doesn't get another chance.

9. Eleanor and Chidi - The Good Place

Eleanor and Chidi - The Good Place
Chidi and Eleanor's kiss literally helped Eleanor remember who she was and stopped Janet's void from collapsing in on itself. They were technically already dead at this point, but it still counts right?

10. Hook and Emma - Once Upon a Time

Hook and Emma - Once Upon a Time
Does this actually count as a kiss? Regardless, a spell was cast on Hook's lips, and if Emma ever kissed him she would lose her magic. But when Hook was dying Emma gave up her powers and gave him mouth to mouth save his life. This one might be a stretch, but it's too good not to include.

11. Clary and Jace - Shadowhunters

Clary and Jace - Shadowhunters
There was only one way everyone was getting out of the Seelie Court alive, and it involved a makeout session between Jace and Clary. With magical vines wrapping around both Simon and Jace's neck, the queen told Clary the only thing that would save them was "the kiss she most desired." When kissing Simon, her boyfriend at the time didn't work, she was forced to face her true feelings to save them both.

12. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries
While Damon lies on his death bed, he uses his final moments to tell Elena that he loves her. Wanting to make him happy before he inevitably dies, Elena gives him a goodbye kiss. But Katherine saves the day at the last minute, and Damon ends up surviving.

13. Sara and Snart - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Sara and Snart - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Snart made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life for his friends. It tore Sara apart to leave him behind, but she kissed him goodbye, knowing that she had to respect his decision.

14. Helen and Nikola - The Sanctuary

Helen and Nikola - The Sanctuary
Planning to blow up the sanctuary and sacrifice herself for the greater good, Helen kisses Nikola and sends him away to safety.

15. Cheryl and Toni - Riverdale

Cheryl and Toni - Riverdale
This was more of a "locked up and being mentally abused" situation than a physical life or death one but the stakes were still high. Toni breaks into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and kisses Cheryl before they make a grand escape with the guards on their heels.

16. Chloe and Clark - Smallville

Chloe and Clark - Smallville
With danger all around them, Chloe realizes she may never see Clark again. She grabs him and kisses him goodbye before he goes to face Zod.

17. Clarke and Finn - The 100

Clarke and Finn - The 100
Most people aren't a big fan of this couple, and we can't really blame them. They had a pretty bad relationship based off of cheating and lies, but we do have to admit that Clarke loved him. Ultimately, Finn ends up sacrificing himself to be tortured by the grounders, but Clarke kisses him goodbye and gives him a quick death instead.

18. Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf

Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf
With Stiles dad about to be sacrificed in an unknown location, he starts to have a panic attack. Lydia tries her best to help him breathe through it, but when that doesn't work she kisses him. We wouldn't recommend actually kissing someone in this situation, but the distraction caused Stiles' breathing to return to normal and created an absolutely breathtaking and beautiful moment between the two.

19. Kara and Mon-El - Supergirl

Kara and Mon-El - Supergirl
Kara and Mon-El's relationship is probably the most controversial topic on the series. Regardless of how you feel about them, this scene is a prime example of a "now or never" kiss. When Mon-El thought he was about to die, he kissed Kara and later admitted that he did it because kissing her would have made dying okay.

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