23 Most Captivating Contests in TV History

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Who's up for a little friendly competition? 

Here at TV Fanatic we're celebrating our competitive side by looking at some of the best contests in small screen history.

From talent shows to drinking games (don't try these at home folks!), these characters put it all on the line to compete for everything from money to pride. They didn't all win, but they had fun anyway - and we more than enjoyed watching them battle it out! 

These characters prove that you don't have to be watching a reality show in order to see great competition on TV.

Which contests were the most captivating? Check out our picks and let us know who your winners are! Remember, no one likes a sore loser! 



1. Seinfeld

The Contest: Master of My Domain. George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine compete to see who can go the longest without any self-satisfaction.

The Prize: $450 pot. $100 each from the men and $150 from Elaine.

The Winner: Either Jerry or George. Kramer bails out almost immediately after spying an exhibitionist and Elaine bails after learning JFK Jr. goes to her gym. It is unknown who lasted the longest, but after many restless nights, all four friends slept soundly in the end.

2. Friends

The Contest: A trivia contest to determine who knows more about whom, the men or the women.

The Stakes: If Monica and Rachel win, the guys must give up their birds. If Chandler and Joey win, the girls must switch apartments.

The WInner: After learning some interesting facts about our friends including the name of Joey's imaginary friend and Rachel's favorite movie, the guys win when the girls are unable to name Chandler's job.

3. Castle

The Contest: The Policeman's Benevolent Association Talent Show.

The Stakes: If Castle and Beckett win, the guys must refer to him as "King Castle." If Ryan and Esposito win, Castle must write a dedication for them in his next book.

The Winner: After Castle drops out of the competition due to Beckett's stage fright, the boys go on to win the talent show for the third straight year.

4. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
The Contest: A surgical competiton among the residents.

The Prize: A bedazzled pager that gives the possessor the power to steal other residents' surgeries.

The Winner: Meredith receives 80 points for solving a medical mystery and wins the competition after discovering her patient's tumor.

5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Contest: Beat Wade Boggs' record of drinking 70 beers in a single cross-country flight.

The Prize: Bragging rights for breaking the record and not dying in the process.

The Winner: Charlie and Dee tie at 70 and each drink one more to break the record. Dee then passes out on the luggage carousel and Mac makes Charlie hit a baseball, which he surprisingly knocks out of the park on his first swing.

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