19 Noteworthy Character Exits from 2015

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13. Lowell - iZombie

Lowell - iZombie
Lowell's death on iZombie so early in the series was both shocking and heartbreaking. We had just enough time to fall in love with him before he was ripped away from us because Liv couldn't go through with the plan to kill Blaine.

14. Nadia - Chicago PD

Nadia - Chicago PD
Nadia's death on Chicago PD was particularly tragic because of how hard she worked to finally get clean and start over. Everything was going so well for her, she had a job, she had friends, and she was back in school studying criminology. Then Yates came along and not only brutally took Nadia's life, but nearly destroyed Lindsay's as well.

15. Stannis Baratheon - Game of Thrones

Stannis Baratheon - Game of Thrones
Stannis should have known that he would die by the hand of a woman he had wronged. He just never imagined it would be by the hand of the towering Brienne of Tarth for what he did to the man she loved, his brother, Renly.

16. Allison Carr - Homeland

Allison Carr - Homeland
A hail of bullets inside a trunk for Allison Carr on Homeland wasn't good enough. The traitor to her country managed to continue to work for the CIA after being discovered as a double agent and her haughty attitude was incredibly annoying. All we wanted was to see her face as Saul killed her, but no. She died silently, closed inside a trunk. Oh well. At least she's gone.

17. Lily Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries

Lily Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries
Just when we became as attached to Lily Salvatore as we possibly could on The Vampire Diaries and imagined a future wherein she and her sons would finally find peace with their family and start over, she gave her life in an attempt to thwart Julian. Instead, he had already removed the spell binding their lives and he lives on. That was a really big punch to the gut.

18. Theo Galavan - Gotham

Theo Galavan - Gotham
There was no better moment so far in Gotham Season 2 than when Jim Gordon put a bullet in Theo Galavan’s head. For 11 long episodes we’ve had to endure this smarmy, tedious, and one-dimensional blowhard. The only “big bad” about him was his big, bad performance. Good riddance!

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