19 of the Best TV Characters to Mend Your Broken Heart

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7. Sasha - The Walking Dead

Sasha - The Walking Dead
After Glen's sudden and horrific death at Neagan's hands, Sasha was there to mourn and fight alongside Maggie.

8. Snow White - Once Upon a Time

Snow White - Once Upon a Time
When all seems lost, Snow White is quick to remind you to never abandon hope. She also makes for a hilarious drinking buddy during girls' night out.

9. Sid - Bones

Sid - Bones
Food plays an important part in getting over any sort of heartbreak. Fortunately, for Booth and his colleagues, his favorite restaurant is Wong Fu's, where Sid, its owner, immediately knows exactly what to bring you. Just remember, the best way to show Sid your appreciation is to keep talk of corpses and crime scenes to a minimum.

10. Ryn - Siren

Ryn - Siren
Even for a mermaid, watching a loved one die is one the hardest, scariest challenges life can throw at us. Ryn couldn't save her sister, but she stayed with her to the very end.

11. Phil - Modern Family

Phil - Modern Family
Phil has a natural talent for making people feel better. He also knows you can't let your talents go to waste, so whether you're a divorcee looking for a home or a father-in-law mourning the loss of his navy buddies, Phil will go to any, ridiculous length to make sure you're okay. And, yes, there will be hugging.

12. Penny - The Big Bang Theory

Penny - The Big Bang Theory
Penny is fiercely protective of her friends and doesn't like anyone taking advantage of them. If you hurt someone she cares about, watch out, because she will make sure you will regret it.

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