19 OMG! WTF! Moments from Pretty Little Liars

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13. Ashley Runs Down Wilden

Ashley Runs Down Wilden
Wilden had been causing a lot of problems for the Liars and he went too far by threatening Ashley and Hannah. Mid threat Ash ran him down. Yay!

14. A Never Stops

A Never Stops
No matter who dies or who is arrested, A persists. Shocking or annoying? It keeps the show alive.

15. Toby is on the A Team!

Toby is on the A Team!
Toby being on the A Team really hurt. Of course, it was all turned around as a way for him to discover information about his mother's death.

16. Ali is Redcoat

Ali is Redcoat
Or, Ali is one of the redcoats. She saved the girls from a fire and revealed her face fleetingly, pointing their love/hate relationship more toward love, than hate.

17. Ezra has Big Secrets

Ezra has Big Secrets
Hideaways, lairs and that damn cap. What are we to believe he was hiding with so much surveillance? A novel. WTF?

18. Aria Tells Her Parents About Ezra

Aria Tells Her Parents About Ezra
Seriously, on what show would your mother's coworker and your TEACHER be a good match for a mid-teen? Pretty Little Liars.

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Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Emily: Maybe I'm not the person everyone thinks I am.
Hanna: Who is?

Emily: A's a terrorist, that's what she wants: To make us worry