19 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Pearson!

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Are you watching Pearson? If you aren't, then you need to be!

The highly-anticipated Suits spinoff is one of the best dramas of the summer.

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Gina Torres reprises her role as the fierce and powerful Jessica Pearson as she finds herself in a new city, with a new job, and out of her depth. 

It's a different show than it's predessor and has carved out a space of its own as an addictive political, suspense drama. It gets better with each installment. 

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We're halfway through the season, so if you haven't been tuning in yet, check out our list of reasons you should be watching Pearson, and hit the comments with your thoughts.

If you decide to give it a try, you can watch Pearson online on TV Fanatic. You can also catch up via our Pearson reviews


1. It Stars Gina Torres

It Stars Gina Torres
I mean, it's Gina freaking Torres. She's an icon who has been making her mark in the television landscape for over 20 years. Torres leading a series of her own has been years in the making. She's one of the most underrated actresses around.

She's also making history as one of the first Afro-Latinas to lead a primetime network drama, and she's an executive producer for the series. She's a powerhouse and showcases it every episode with fantastic performances.

2. Deep Dive into Dirty Politics and the Political Intrigue

Deep Dive into Dirty Politics and the Political Intrigue
Politics can be dirty and ugly, and while it's easy to be tapped out of all things political in the grand-scale of things, Pearson's exploration of the political underbelly of Chicago via the mayor's office is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. The back-alley deals and behind the scenes of what makes politics tick is far more intriguing than the typical surface-level one-dimensional focus on partisanship.

3. Rich Jessica Background and Development

Rich Jessica Background and Development
If you happen to be a Suits fan before watching Pearson, then you'd know Jessica Pearson was one of the most enigmatic characters on the series. You loved her, but you didn't know nearly as much about her. Pearson does a fabulous job of fleshing out a beloved character and showing us sides of her we didn't know about or see often.

She's softer and more vulnerable, and the series expounds on the Suits' foundation for this character in ways that make her more lovable and relatable than ever.

4. Morally Ambiguous Characters

Morally Ambiguous Characters
Whether or not the characters are good or bad is up for interpretation and hard to say for certain. All of the characters fall into a gray area. Some of them do bad things for the right reasons, or good things for self-serving reasons. Everyone is complex, flawed, and has unflattering traits and weakness. There isn't a Mary Sue in the bunch.

5. The Fashion

The Fashion
You cannot have a Suits spin-off without a gifted wardrobe department making each and every character look fabulous. From well-tailored dresses to gorgeous heels, to power suits and skirt sets, hell, even the leisurewear is sublime. The fashion sense is exquisite and as important part of the series. Pearson is all the fashion goals.

6. Complex Female Characters

Complex Female Characters
The women of Pearson, especially the titular character, are strong and vulnerable, composed and messy, smart and beautiful. They're imperfect and flawed. They're real. They're allowed to be complicated and contradictory and sometimes even unlikable. They're multi-layered, and it's compelling.

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