19 Secondary Romances that Surpassed Expectations

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The primary love story on a series may not always be the best one. 

Sometimes secondary romances turn out to be better than originally expected and can overshadow the main relationship. 

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The stress and emphasis placed on a series' main couple, often creates unnecessary drama that only serves to destroy the relationship rather than keep it afloat. 

There are even moments where a relationship is so good, the audience starts to wonder who the primary couple of the show really is. 

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We've created a slideshow below of 19 secondary romances that surpassed expectations! 

1. Alex and Maggie - Supergirl

Alex and Maggie - Supergirl
Alex and Maggie were the best couple on Supergirl. Despite calling off their engagement, we've yet to find a relationship on the show that can compare to them.

2. Michael and Maria - Roswell

Michael and Maria - Roswell
Michael and Maria had it all. Their relationship progression felt natural and they were the best couple on Roswell, no comparison.

3. Garrett and Dina - Superstore

Garrett and Dina - Superstore
Let's be real, it would be extremely hard to overshadow Jonah and Amy. They've earned their place as Superstore's primary romance. But the unlikely romance between Garrett and Dina was surprisingly successful. In fact, it's impossible not to root for them to just get together already.

4. Jason and Janet - The Good Place

Jason and Janet - The Good Place
Jason and Janet was a pairing we didn't see coming. Especially considering that Janet is technically a robot. But Janet started developing emotions of her own and now we're not really sure what she is. All we do know is that these two belong together.

5. Emily and Sylvia - The Handmaid's Tale

Emily and Sylvia - The Handmaid's Tale
While we haven't gotten to see much of Emily and Sylvia's marriage, we love everything about them. They both deserve better than what happened to them.

6. Thea and Roy - Arrow

Thea and Roy - Arrow
Thea and Roy surpass Oliver and Felicity no question. They are a pure and amazing couple and their chemistry has always been off the charts.

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