19 Seemingly Cute Couples that Went Downhill

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7. Nate and Amaya - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Nate and Amaya - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Watching Nate and Amaya grow closer and Amaya fall for him was all kinds of adorable. But things got really complicated really quickly, and it just felt like they were better off as friends.

8. Oliver and Felicity - Arrow

Oliver and Felicity - Arrow
This may be an unpopular opinion, but we're tired of Olicity. The first three seasons were great, but then Arrow quickly went from a superhero show to an Oliver and Felicity soap opera. Not to mention that the more the show went on, the less we liked Felicity, which is a shame because she started off the show as a hilarious, kickass character.

9. Alex and Piper - Orange is the New Black

Alex and Piper - Orange is the New Black
They were cute until they weren't. There reaches a point where a couple does so many horrible things to each other the relationship just needs to stop. Alex and Piper reached that point seasons ago.

10. Mateo and Jeff - Superstore

Mateo and Jeff - Superstore
It was cute when they had to keep their relationship a secret since Mateo worked under Jeff, but Jeff turned out to be kind of a jerk. Even though their first breakup was due more to bad circumstances than bad blood, we were happy to see Mateo realize he deserved better by calling it quits for real the second time around.

11. Serena and Dan - Gossip Girl

Serena and Dan - Gossip Girl
What started as an adorable, heartwarming romance, quickly became a relationship built on lies and manipulation. The fact that Dan was Gossip Girl (which makes no sense) and that Serena videotaped herself seducing him while he was dating her best friend proves that these two are a toxic mess together.

12. Lucas and Peyton - One Tree Hill

Lucas and Peyton - One Tree Hill
It was hard not to ship them at first, but as their relationship progressed they ended up fighting, literally, all the time. Plus the way they treated Brooke may it hard for us to root for their happiness.

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