19 Shows to Start Streaming... NOW!

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The television landscape can feel overwhelming sometimes. 

What's worse is when you want to jump onto a bandwagon years after a show has started and the new season is on the way, or even worse...it's already come and gone completely!

The good news is, that hardly matters anymore with all the online streaming going on.

The following shows are available to watch on Amazon Prime from their first seasons through their latest fully aired.

The next time you're shopping online, you can stop and take a television break!

1. The Royals

The Royals
E! has a certified hit on their hands with this shocking look at royalty. Yes, they're fictional. Watch the first season now!

2. Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall
You like the story of Anne Bolelyn? Well this is the story of Thomas Cromwell helping her hubby, King Henry VIII overcome opposition when he wants to marry her, despite already being married.

3. House of Lies

House of Lies
Marty Kaan is a management consultant who uses anything and anyone to get ahead in business. Look out world!

4. Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek
The only thing a once wealthy couple has left after going broke is the small town they bought years earlier on a lark – Schitt's Creek. Good times!

5. Fortitude

A picturesque town in the arctic is changed for ever when its non-violent crime streak is wiped away after a research scientist is murdered. What secrets lie beneath the town's icy suface?

6. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
After a teenager is bitten in the woods, he suddenly discovers there are a lot of supernatural creatures in his hometown of Beacon Hills, and his destiny is to become a True Alpha, ruling a pack of his own.

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