19 Things We Learned from the Jonas Brother's Documentary "Chasing Happiness"

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They were never meant to get out of Jersey, but thank god they did. 

The Jonas Brothers reunion is the most unexpected reunion of 2019 but it's one we're most grateful for.

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The world is a better place when Kevin, Nick and Joe are not only getting along but making sweet music together. 

The Bros aren't holding anything back in their tell-all documentary, Chasing Happiness, which dropped on Amazon Prime on June 4th.

They air everything out from their humble beginnings to their rapid rise to fame and the eventual breakup of 2013.

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it also sheds light on their second chance as a band and how their journey made their comeback stronger than ever. 

Though there's plenty of interesting tidbits in the documentary (plenty of which I'll get to below), I think the biggest takeaway is most likely, the inspiration behind the documentary's title: "You spend so much time chasing happiness and the thing you think will bring you joy never realizing it's in there all along."

Nick Jonas figured out the secret of life. 

Here are 19 things we learned from the documentary:

1. Nick Ventured Into Music First

Nick Ventured Into Music First
From a young age, Nick expressed the most interest in pursuing a career in the spotlight and became involved in plenty of Broadway shows. After seeing his success, both Joe and Kevin wanted to find "their thing." Joe channeled his outgoing personality into stand-up comedy and wanted to star on "All That," while Kevin started booking commercials. Nick was also the first to score a record deal and introduced his brothers to the label where they performed their first song together.

2. Kevin Was Bullied

Kevin Was Bullied
When recalling their upbringings in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Kevin revealed getting bullied by the other children. Kevin says his "uncool" interests like "gymnastics" and "magic" and his "inexpensive clothes" made him a target. "Kids were cruel at that age. They would call me gay. They would call me a f-g," he said. He also mentions that he had a hard time fitting in and connecting with the other kids. How heartbreaking.

3. They Were Supposed to be a Punk Band

They Were Supposed to be a Punk Band
Sure, they may be a pop band now, but that wasn't always the case. After being signed, the label tried to shape them into a "punk rock band." Since the fundamental issue was that they weren't a rock band, they did a crash course in how to be a rockstar with a 12-hour, 6-day a week boot camp. We can probably thank that boot camp for their insane stage presence nowadays.

4. Their Success Didn't Happen Overnight

Their Success Didn't Happen Overnight
No one can sit there and say their success got handed to them; the Jo Bros did the grunt work. At the start of their career, their life was anything but glamorous. They did two shows a day which included school assemblies in the morning and nightclubs in the evening. Since money was tight, they'd drive back to their hometown before returning to another city because it was cheaper than getting a hotel. But the best part is that they genuinely enjoyed it.

5. Nick Had a Health Scare

Nick Had a Health Scare
Since they were on tour a lot in 2006, Joe and Kevin were the first to realize that something was very wrong with Nick. He would drink Big-Gulps every day, had to use the bathroom every 15 minutes, and at one point, Kevin noticed Nick was skin and bones.

"I look in the mirror, and I'm like a skeleton," Nick said. "I feel like I'm dying." A visit to the hospital diagnosed Nick with diabetes and changed his life forever. The band initially kept the diagnosis a secret from the label because "they didn't want to get dropped."

6. They Hit a Low Point

They Hit a Low Point
They always say that to follow your dreams, you have to be willing to lose everything. And the Jonas Brothers were. It all happened at almost the same time: their father lost his job, they lost their childhood home, Columbia Records dropped them, and they had no money. Paul Kevin Sr. invested 90K of their college savings into the band and maxed out his credit cards.

Their mother, Denise, said they were playing "Russian Roulette" on the boys and their career. Since the pressure was on to make money and survive, their dream went from being a hobby to the family's lifeline. It's good to know that there's a happy ending to this story.

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