19 Times Laughter Got the Best of Us

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As you're scrolling through the gallery below, note that some of the television that made us laugh was genuinely played for laughs.

Some of the other moments may have been meant to come off a little differently, but darn if we could take it that way.

Looking back at the year in review, are there any specific moments you remember as particularly funny as they were meant to be or even if they were meant to be otherwise?

Hit the comments and share all your thoughts with us.

1. Alex and Sara Hookup in the Arrowverse

Alex and Sara Hookup in the Arrowverse
While it wasn't surprising to see Alex and Sara take part in a drunken one night stand, everything that occurred between them afterward was hilarious! Their awkward encounter when they realized they didn't know each other's names, Alex's embarrassment, and Kara's teasing, and Sara's total nonchalance over the whole thing made it one of the best storylines of the Arrowverse crossover.

2. Major on Teenage Girl Brain on iZombie

Major on Teenage Girl Brain on iZombie
Major on teenage girl brain was one of the greatest, funniest iZombie moments of all time. Like, totally. There are so many GIFs from this one episode we had a hard time choosing! Selfies FTW!

3. Fiona's Crazy Tenants on Shameless

Fiona's Crazy Tenants on Shameless
Fiona managed to defy the odds and move up in life. It's just a shame her tenants were deplorable. From people taking drugs in the hallways, to a mother letting her children put bags on their heads, it was a hilarious montage that showed the people did not want to pay any rent.

4. Diane Gets her Period on black-ish

Diane Gets her Period on black-ish
Black-ish always brings the laughs, but there was a recent episode where Diane finally experienced her womanly rite of passage and terrorized the entire house with her PMS. It easily could have been cliche but it was quite hysterical.

5. Brockmire Narrating his Life

Brockmire Narrating his Life
The Series premiere of Brockmire was funny from start to finish (as was the series), but there was a particular scene of him standing on a sidewalk narrating his life events that I had to watch again and again to keep the laughter going. More people have to catch up with this gem of a series on IFC.

6. Rebecca and Miguel Reconnect on Facebook - This Is Us

Rebecca and Miguel Reconnect on Facebook - This Is Us
The moment we found out that Rebecca and Miguel from This Is Us reconnected via Facebook. They thought it would endear him to some of us This is Us fans. LOL. Lo siento pero NO. Nice try though.

7. Lucifer's Birthday Gift to Detective Decker

Lucifer's Birthday Gift to Detective Decker
Lucifer's writing team produces a consistently high caliber of writing, improving even as they approach the mid-point of their third season. But the true LAUGH OUT LOUD moment for me was also an incredibly touching moment of genuine tenderness between Mr. Morningstar and his favorite vulnerability, Chloe.

Thinking he had forgotten (or not cared) about her birthday, she'd passed out in his bed after throwing a small rager with her ex-husband and Lucifer's therapist in his penthouse. Finding her there when he returns from his Vegas adventure, he presents her with a necklace made of the bullet she shot him with at the end of Season One. In his words,"Well I thought since I'll never likely penetrate you, I'd commemorate the one time you penetrated me."

8. Stan Against Evil "Curse of the Werepony"

Stan Against Evil "Curse of the Werepony"
My favorite Stan Against Evil Season 2 Episode, "Curse of the Werepony," was brilliant and so oddly fascinating and ridiculous. I almost peed my pants laughing. You lucky dogs can read all about it on the site as the whole season was reviewed. Another IFC comedy too many people are missing. Stray from the main roads, people!!

9. Ann Dowd in an Elevator on Good Behavior

Ann Dowd in an Elevator on Good Behavior
Over on one of the best shows on the air that not nearly enough of you are watching, Good Behavior's "It's A Sign" featured Ann Dowd prominently, and she was a blast from beginning to end. However; it was an elevator scene with her wet behind the ears partner finally letting her have it shortly after she and Letty discussed the best way to eat a cinnamon roll (like a fruit roll-up FYI) that had me laughing so hard I was in tears. Words can't quite do it justice, but I watched the episode at least six times, and that one scene about a dozen, and I'm not even sorry.

10. The Return of Will & Grace!

The Return of Will & Grace!
Most revivals don’t measure up to the original, but Will & Grace has surpassed my expectations. The writing manages to be poignant, timely, and funny as hell. Best of all, you can tell the cast is enjoying the heck out of being back together and performing every scene. If there were any doubts to that, you just have to watch the outtakes at the end of “A Gay Olde Christmas.”

11. Jingle Jangle on Riverdale!

Jingle Jangle on Riverdale!
I mean, what a name! Aside from the name, the drug looks like pixie sticks. I’m supposed to accept that a shady high school gang sells this drug to students? Also, everything about the Black Hood has been pretty comical, yet enjoyable. It brings the fear factor while also dishing out it’s fair share of comedy.

12. Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney on American Gods

Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney on American Gods
Pablo Schreiber was so funny as Mad Seeney on American Gods he didn't even have to say anything to make me laugh. The camera just had to pan to Mad Sweeney and it was instant laughter. All he had to do was say "Dead Wife," but his road trip with Salim and Laura was particularly hilarious.

13. The Bar Brawl on Floribama Shore.

The Bar Brawl on Floribama Shore.
This show is absolutely a guilty pleasure of mine and watching a giant brawl outside of a bar due to the fact it was dollar beer night had me in stitches. Most of the people involved weren't even on the show they were locals! According to Codi, we need to watch out for "dollar beer draft people" as they always cause a ruckus.

14. Daniel and Emma's Friendship on Rosehaven

Daniel and Emma's Friendship on Rosehaven
If you enjoy the subtleties of foreign humor and comedy among friends, you should love Rosehaven. The quirky friendship between Daniel and Emma gets laughs every episode as she continually berates him and he accepts it as the love it is. They never laugh as it's happening, and it makes the moments more absurd and hilarious.

15. Carnival Ride on Kevin Can Wait

Carnival Ride on Kevin Can Wait
As one of the outraged who didn't want to watch Kevin Can Wait after they killed off Donna, I still checked out the Season 2 premiere. I'm glad I did because I'm a sucker for silly humor. When Kevin and Vanessa hopped onto the carnival ride, Kevin was acting like he was very cool doing it. I knew it would be a disaster. Kevin James played it perfectly, screaming like an animal, passing out, clawing at himself. It was hilarious!

16. The Flash/Supergirl "Duet"

The Flash/Supergirl "Duet"
If we are talking about things that made us laugh with as opposed to laughing at, then it's, without doubt, the musical crossover between Supergirl and The Flash. I do enjoy musicals every once in a while because it's just a helluva good time. Darren Criss as Music Meister made me laugh and cheer as we got these amazing musical performances. The musical story they were telling in Barry and Kara's singing-world was a blast to see from start to finish.

17. J'onn's Dad Meets Hot Cocoa on Supergirl

J'onn's Dad Meets Hot Cocoa on Supergirl
One wouldn't expect to get many laughs out of J'onn's father (played by Carl Lumbly), who was the religious leader of the Green Martians before being locked up by the Whites for, well, centuries. But after his rescue, he's introduced to some of Earth's basic necessities. Like coffee. And later, hot cocoa. To wit: “J’onn, I do not know why you introduced me to coffee first. This brown water is vastly superior.” Well said, M'yrnn, well said.

18. The Perfect Strangers Connection on The Leftovers!

The Perfect Strangers Connection on The Leftovers!
I hadn't thought about that show since I was a kid, and to have a show like The Leftovers incorporate a storyline involving Mark Linn-Baker of Cousin Larry fame, it was nothing short of brilliant.

19. Sloan's Doctor Impersonation on NCIS

Sloan's Doctor Impersonation on NCIS
With some of her teammates held hostage by an injured arms dealer/terrorist in NCIS Season 15 Episode 9, Agent Sloan took it upon herself to impersonate the doctor he demanded to remove the bullet from his body. Despite the seriousness of the situation, her "gee golly" behavior provided some of the best laughs of the episode. Bonus points for her swift take-down of the villain once his bomb had been disabled.

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