19 TV Characters Uninvited from the Family Feast

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Whether it be for good reasons or bad, family dinners are a crucial night for some, and it can make or break relationships, can't it?

Those who don't have a good relationship with their family dread the night and wait for the activities to be over, while some skip altogether.

And that can span from "my parents hate me" to "I hate my parents," or even, in some cases, "my parent/child is an evil murderer and I don't want them around for the holidays, okay?"

Don't forget the other family members who are just so insanely problematic, and everything they say leaves someone's mouth wide in shock. No one wants them around, either. (Looking at you, Ralph Dibny.)

Without further ado, here are the characters who are officially uninvited from spending time with their families.

1. Laurel Castillo - How to Get Away with Murder

Laurel Castillo - How to Get Away with Murder
Despite the fact that her father hired someone to kill her boyfriend (and possibly baby daddy), Laurel's relationship with her father was never that good before. He always wanted her to be more than she wanted for herself, and it's hard to live with the pressures of those expectations, much less spend time together and have them pushed on you even more.

2. Michelle Tanner - Fuller House

Michelle Tanner - Fuller House
The Full House gang has reunited many times for the reunion show, Fuller House, with the exception of the Olsen twins/Ms. Michelle Tanner. But, by now, she's officially uninvited. Too much work to get her to come to dinner, I don't see why anyone would keep inviting her.

3. Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars

Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars
Spencer Hastings is probably going to sit this holiday season out. After discovering she had a long-lost twin sister who was trying to kill her and take over her life, and that her biological mother is Jessica DiLaurentis' twin, her family became even more complicated than it already was when she knew her father had a child with Jessica. Someone, please, get this family an abundance of therapy.

4. Miguel - This Is Us

Miguel - This Is Us
Sorry, Miguel, there's no room for you at the table this time... or any time. While we still may not know how exactly Miguel and Rebecca ended up together, the thought of her finding love with her late husband's best friend is just too much.

5. Ralph Dibny - The Flash

Ralph Dibny - The Flash
No one wants Ralph Dibny's problematic behavior ruining their dinner. Anyone who refers to women as their measurements instead of their name deserves to be kicked out and forced to spend that time alone. He's not wanted around unless he's going to change his behavior.

6. Kai Anderson - American Horror Story

Kai Anderson - American Horror Story
This one is an easy one, right? Kai is just crazy. And no one wants his white supremicist behavior around in general, much less at dinner when he has an invitation to spread his chaotic nonsense. Divine ruler, more like loser.

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