19 TV Characters Who Should be the Next Bachelor

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The Bachelor is always making headlines, and we're going to make our own by tossing out some characters who should be the next to try his hand at the ladies.

Whether they're they're suave and debonair or a man's man, we're pretty sure they'd make for much more entertaining viewing than the blokes who really make the cut.

1. Elijah Mikaelson - The Originals

Elijah Mikaelson - The Originals
He's handson, compassionate, family oriented and not consumed with revenge like other family members. He's a wonderful dresser and cares for children even when he isn't the father. Oh, and he's a vampire from the original line. What more could you want? Neck free zone, of course.

2. Charles Brooks - Younger

Charles Brooks - Younger
Charles is tall, dark and handsome, recently divorced and a successful publisher who appreciates his employees and promotes from within. He'll even accompany his dinner guest to the dentist when her veneer falls off.

3. Dean Sanderson - The Grinder

Dean Sanderson - The Grinder
Dean is a man of many talents. Not only did he have a successful television show for many years, but he's now joined his family to become a lawyer, as well. And that tagline? Does anyone not want to see the look on the ladies' faces when they get a load of that?

4. Clive Babineaux - iZombie

Clive Babineaux - iZombie
Everyone is always screaming Ravi, Ravi, Ravi. Well what about Clive? Clive is a great detective with a good worth ethic, he's skeptical and a little bit ornery. After seeing him with Liv, we don't think he'd be a pushover. How refreshing.

5. Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0

Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0
Is it still the tradition to take all of the ladies to a destination suitable for the fellas? Well, we vote it is. Off to Hawaii! There would be a lot of hiking and probably a few more international drug lords to fend off than expected, but so be it.

6. Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Dean Winchester - Supernatural
Sure, both Winchesters could use a romantic boost, but Dean would be far better suited to the Bachelor format. The ladies would be required to swill beers and sing karaoke, among other things, and might have to fend off a demon or two. Definitely a good time.

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