19 TV Couples Who Could Kill Each Other

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Falling in love is risky. There’s a good chance somebody’s heart will be broken, and it’s not always a metaphorical break. These types of love stories don’t end until someone is bleeding out on the floor.

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How could be a pair of people who loved each so much be so fatal to one another? Perhaps they were never really in love after all and were only looking to screw each other over. Others find themselves sacrificing their love lives in order to do the right thing. 

These TV couples certainly had their reasons for wanting to kill their significant others. Was it better to have loved and killed than to have never loved at all? 

1. Bortus & Klyden - The Orville

Bortus & Klyden - The Orville
Bortus and Klyden’s marriage has been tested during their time on The Orville. They’ve stayed together, but the road ahead probably won’t be smooth if the Moclan females rights movement continues gaining traction. A Moclan divorce — aka fatally stabbing your spouse — can’t be ruled out.

2. Jack & Irina - Alias

Jack & Irina - Alias
Being in love with a spy from a rival agency may be exciting but it sure ain't easy. Jack and Irina had one child together and attempted to kill each other several times over.

3. Beth & Rio - Good Girls

Beth & Rio - Good Girls
Beth and Rio’s relationship has always been volatile. Rio pushed things too far when he kidnapped Turner and told Beth to kill him. Instead Beth turned the gun on Rio.

4. Sam & Madison - Supernatural

Sam & Madison - Supernatural
Sam and Madison’s relationship was too sweet to last. As a werewolf, she posed an enormous danger to everyone around her. At her bequest, Sam put her out of her misery.

5. Desna & Roller - Claws

Desna & Roller - Claws
Most couples realize the relationship is over when you intend to kill your significant other. Desna and Roller, on the other hand, seem to believe each murder attempt makes them miss the other more.

6. Buffy & Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy & Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
When Angel lost his soul, Buffy lost her boyfriend and picked up a deadly adversary. Willow's spell to restore Angelus back to Angel worked, but it was too late. To save the world, Buffy had to stab the guy she loved and banish him to hell.

7. J.R. & Kristen - Dallas

J.R. & Kristen - Dallas
Who shot J.R. is one TV’s greatest mysteries. Since J.R. was awful to everyone, there were plenty of suspects. The culprit turned out to be his mistress, Kristen.

8. Jason & Janet - The Good Place

Jason & Janet - The Good Place
Jason's compulsive need to press giant, red buttons led to Chidi murdering Janet and then to Jason and Janet becoming romantically involved. Later, Janet hid Jason and others inside of her, which seems to have killed them. No tears please -- killing each other has only brought these two lovebirds closer together.

9. Joe & Beck - YOU

Joe & Beck - YOU
Beck justifiably hated Joe for stalking and imprisoning him. She managed to knock him, but, unfortunately, Joe regained the upper hand. He lived to stalk and kill another day.

10. Rumplestiltskin & Cora - Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin & Cora - Once Upon a Time
Ingenuity and desire for power brought Rumple and Cora together but also tore them apart when she chose to be queen over running away with him. Upon reuniting in Storybrooke, their cross-purposes led to her trying to kill him to become the next Dark One and him succeeding in convincing Snow White to kill her.

11. Eve & Villanelle - Killing Eve

Eve & Villanelle - Killing Eve
Just when it seems Eve and Villanelle are finally ready to commit to their romantic relationship, one of them has to go stab or shoot the other.

12. Phoebe & Cole - Charmed

Phoebe & Cole - Charmed
Phoebe allowed herself to become evil because she wanted to be with Cole, but sisterhood ultimately won out. Cole tried to win her back several times, but each attempt only made their relationship disintegrate further.

13. Dan & Deb - One Tree Hill

Dan & Deb - One Tree Hill
Dan Scott was a piece of work. Among his many failings, he drove his wife, Deb, into a substance abuse spiral. Unable to take it anymore, Deb intentionally set a fire at the Scott dealership while Dan was inside.

14. May & Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

May & Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
As part of his to plan to ingratiate himself to Coulson’s team, Ward found his way to May’s bed. Of course, Melinda May isn’t one to take betrayal lying down and made sure Ward wasn't walking away unscathed.

15. Liv & Drake - iZombie

Liv & Drake - iZombie
Max Rager used Drake as a test subject for a zombie cure, and it transformed him into a Romero. Liv was forced to kill him to save Clive and as a mercy.

16. Hiram & Hermione - Riverdale

Hiram & Hermione - Riverdale
Hiram and Hermione’s relationship has long since soured. Framing each other, recklessly putting the other in harm’s way, hiring someone to take the other out — it’s just another day in the life for Mr. and Mrs. Lodge.

17. Michael & Ash - Star Trek: Discovery

Michael & Ash - Star Trek: Discovery
Not long after Michael and Ash kindled a romance, Michael found out her boyfriend was actually a Klingon sleeper agent. Love couldn’t conquer all, and the two found themselves openly fighting on opposite sides.

18. Dany & Jon - Game of Thrones

Dany & Jon - Game of Thrones
Dany was going to claim the Iron Throne and redefine the world order at no matter the cost. After the battle for King's Landing, Jon reached his breaking point. For the greater good, he stabbed the Mother of Dragons.

19. J & Mia - Animal Kingdom

J & Mia - Animal Kingdom
Mia doesn’t have an issue pulling a trigger and has been on a warpath against J. She still had feelings for him though and said they could be whatever together. He refused and shot her instead.

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