19 TV Deaths That Made Us Jump For Joy

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7. The Governor - The Walking Dead

The Governor - The Walking Dead
TV shows are full of bastards, but this guy ranked right up there at the top. He deserved to die for every wicked thing he ever did but most especially for killing Hershel. We couldn't be happier when he was stabbed by Michonne and then shot by Lilly. It was a fitting end to one of the most hated characters on TV.

8. Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones

Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones
There have been so many characters to hate on Game of Thrones, but Ramsay was one of the worst. He was a brutal bastard who deserved to feel every piece of skin his beloved dogs tore off him. What made his death even more satisfying was seeing Sansa stand by cooly to watch his demise.

9. The Yellow-Eyed Demon - Supernatural

The Yellow-Eyed Demon - Supernatural
Azazel was the cause of much heartbreak and suffering for the Winchester family. The games he played with Sam and Dean were brutal so when the ghost of John Winchester showed up to save the day allowing Dean to grab the Colt and shoot Azazel, it was one of the happiest days of our television viewing lives.

10. Agent Stahl - Sons of Anarchy

Agent Stahl - Sons of Anarchy
Agent Stahl was the worst of the worst. She was a major pain in the butt for SAMCRO but what made her so hated was how she went about her business as an ATF agent. She stepped outside the lines of law numerous times and didn't care what happened as the result of her corrupt actions. When Opie shot her in the head for all she'd done including being responsible for his own wife's death, it was a great day in television history!

11. Baz - Animal Kingdom

Baz - Animal Kingdom
Baz had no redeeming qualities. He was arrogant, mean, and a horrible father. He cared more about money and his lover, Lucy than he did about anything else. While the Cody clan mourned his loss, we brought out the champagne and toasted for a murder well-deserved.

12. George Foyet - Criminal Minds

George Foyet - Criminal Minds
The Boston Reaper tormented the FBI for years as he piled up the bodies, including Hotch's wife. When Hotch finally caught Foyet, he flew into a blind rage killing the murderer with his bare hands. Although shocking, it was good to see Foyet get his due.

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