Summer TV Awards: Mr. Robot Rules All!

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7. Most Educational Show

Most Educational Show
Proving history can be entertaining and successfully taken to series (albeit one we wish hadn't been rushed along quite to the degree it was), The Astronaut Wives Club hit all the marks. If ABC had initially had more faith in the formula, they might have had a long-running, inspiring series out of it.

8. Worst Dialogue

Worst Dialogue
Is there even a contest here? The words that tumbled out of the mouths of the poor actors on True Detective Season 2 couldn't be stopped or understood.

9. Best Wedding

Best Wedding
Brendan Donovan became a man and got married on Ray Donovan. It wasn't without its complications, but there was a rehearsal dinner, a full church wedding with Catholic mass and a reception with beautiful dancing for the lucky couple. The family strife and sometimes cutting jokes made it feel like every other family event we've attended.

10. Worst Wedding

Worst Wedding
The entirety of Beauty and the Beast has become a been there done that scenario to the point it's no longer amusing. Cat and Vincent deserved their moment to shine and they almost got it. The key is almost. The wedding was ultimately cancelled, meaning no matter how beautifully arranged, it was pointless.

11. Fan Favorite

Fan Favorite
Fans began a Renew Killjoys campaign pretty early on into the series run. Thankfully, it was a success, because it's hard to imagine what might have happened with a bunch of raging, unhappy fans with their joy killed had it not been granted more life!

12. Fan Panned

Fan Panned
Under the Dome slipped to new lows in Season 3 with the introduction of some pretty terrible characters. It's not often fans want a show they previously loved to be cancelled, but they got their wish. It won't be coming back again. Bon Voyage!

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