2018 Fall Pick-up and Cancelation Scorecard

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When new shows hit the tube, you will love them, be indifferent, or have 'em.

Depending on your passion, you the following information will cheer you, jeer you, or mean nothing either way.

Let's see how the cards are landing for the shows that weren't already confirmed for full seasons on the fall schedule!

1. Salvation - CBS

Salvation - CBS
CBS decided to cancel the show after two summer seasons.

2. Teachers - TV Land

Teachers - TV Land
After four funny seasons, Teachers is no more as TV Land decided to end all scripted development. The last episode will air in 2019.

3. Legacies - The CW

Legacies - The CW
Legacies has struck a chord with viewers! The CW has ordered a full season of 16 episodes!

4. Charmed - The CW

Charmed - The CW
CW is going all the way with this reboot. It has landed a nine-episode back order. Season 1 will span 22 episodes!

5. All American - The CW

All American - The CW
All American has been handed three additional episodes. It will span 16 episodes during its first season!

6. The Kids Are Alright - ABC

The Kids Are Alright - ABC
This new series has been making viewers laugh and ABC has rewarded viewers with nine additional episodes. That's 22 for Season 1!

7. Splitting Up Together - ABC

Splitting Up Together - ABC
ABC has handed five additional episodes to the sophomore comedy, bringing its order to 18 episodes.

8. The Rookie - ABC

The Rookie - ABC
The Rookie has been picked up for a full season on ABC, a surprise considering it's getting lower ratings than Fillion's previously canceled Castle. Fillion fans still rejoiced!

9. Reverie - NBC

Reverie - NBC
The only way you're going to get another Reverie is to create the tech to go inside and find one of your own. NBC canceled the summer series after one season.

10. Good Behavior - TNT

Good Behavior - TNT
As much as we enjoyed Letty's shenanigans on Good Behavior, the show will not go on over at TNT. It was canceled after two seasons.

11. The Purge - USA Network

The Purge - USA Network
If 12 hours of hell on earth is your thing, USA Network has given the green light to a second season of The Purge franchise. So far, all indications are it will focus on another Purge night.

12. A Million Little Things - ABC

A Million Little Things - ABC
People are interested in dramas about family and friendships, and ABC gave the order for an additional five episodes of A Million Little Things. The 17 episodes will constitute a full season for the freshman series. Congratulations to a hardworking cast and crew!

13. Magnum PI - CBS

Magnum PI - CBS
CBS is pleased with the way Magnum Deux has taken off, and it earned a full season order.

14. The Cool Kids - FOX

The Cool Kids - FOX
Vicki Lawrence and friends have proven being old isn't the end of the world. Full season order!

15. The Neighborhood - CBS

The Neighborhood - CBS
People do get along! The Neighborhood proves is, so it appears with this full season pickup.

16. Manifest - NBC

Manifest - NBC
The mixture of mystery and procedural has hit a sweet spot with viewers and they want more! Sixteen episodes in total more.

17. Single Parents - ABC

Single Parents - ABC
There must be a lot of single parents out there suffering a similar plight, as this comedy earned a full season order.

18. New Amsterdam - NBC

New Amsterdam - NBC
You CAN put a new frost on a tired genre. Just ask the people of New Amsterdam, who have successfully found a niche for another hospital-focused drama on NBC. Congrats on the full season order!

19. Station 19 - ABC

Station 19 - ABC
Station 19 may not release many (read: any) photos for their episodes, but it doesn't hurt their success. Snuggled in between Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder means FULL-SEASON PICKUP!

20. FBI - CBS

CBS knows its police procedurals, so it should be no surprise that FBI is a success and earned a full season pickup.

21. God Friended Me - CBS

God Friended Me - CBS
Yes, there is a place for God on TV. If he tries to reach you through social media, give him a chance! It worked for CBS. Full season order!

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