21 Accents You Didn't Know Were Fake

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Our 21 top picks for TV accents you might not know are fake. Check em out here!

1. Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)

Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)
Captain Hook puts on a impressive show, but did you know that Colin O'Donoghue is actually Irish? It might just be a small hop between islands, but boy does that man's accent sound different off camera! Major thumbs up to Colin for pulling off such a complicated switcharoo.

2. Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)
You might recall Andrew Lincoln playing a small but memorable part in Love Actually, everyone's favorite British Christmas film. Well, that's actually his native tongue, and Rick's southern drawl is a complete fabrication on Lincoln's part. A great one, if we do say so ourselves!

3. Hayley Marshall (The Originals)

Hayley Marshall (The Originals)
This one is easier to catch, as Phoebe Tonkin's Australian accent does tend to slip into her dialogue now and again. Nevertheless, Hayley's American accent is convincing enough to turn a few heads when people find out that her actress is actually from down under.

4. Bellamy & Clarke (The 100)

Bellamy & Clarke (The 100)
These two get a joint slide because they are BOTH Aussies masquerading as Americans! That's right folks, you're favorite dynamic duo of the nuclear apocalypse are actually constrantly trying to suppress a "g'day, mate" behind the scenes. Mind blown.

5. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)
He might not sport the best British accent you've ever heard, but Peter Dinklage doesn't mess around when perfecting Tyrion's slight lilt. It's quite a jolt to hear him bust out in his everyday Jersey charm when he's not battling dragons and kings.

6. Liv Moore (iZombie)

Liv Moore (iZombie)
Is anyone else shocked to find out that this adorable little zombie is actually a kiwi? Her American accent may sound 100% genuine, but Rose McIver is native to New Zealand! And trust us, she only gets cuter when you hear how she sounds in real life.

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