21 Actresses Who Received Hate But Hardly Any Corresponding Coverage

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After a behind-the-scenes photo of Grant in his new super-suit leaked out to the public, fans eviscerated his new Flash suit and then proceeded to rip apart his body image. 

As a result of the backlash, huge news outlets picked up the story, such as ABC News, CNN, and People Magazine. Tons of support poured from every end to not only highlight the double standard in the body shaming of men and women but to also applaud Gustin’s strength in the face of it. 

Like news outlets should, they covered an injustice and highlighted the issues that create and stem from this injustice.

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However, an injustice that has gone on for almost a decade that has yet to be recognized stems from the hate and vitriol commonly thrown at actresses that don't receive nearly the same amount of coverage. 

Since we’ve gotten the chance to read about the horrible injustice of body shaming men for things we praise women for let’s also identify a running list of actresses who have been attacked by fans for various "reasons" from race to shipping wars.

1. Gal Gadot (Diana Prince - Wonder Woman)

Gal Gadot (Diana Prince - Wonder Woman)
Comic fans attacked Gal Gadot before she became Wonder Woman because she was too thin, her boobs weren't big enough, etc.And when she silenced all the nay-sayers after Wonder Woman released, they decided to find other reasons to attack her due to her religion, past jobs, etc. But just like in the gif above, Gadot always smiles through it all.

2. Anna Diop (Starfire - Titans)

Anna Diop (Starfire - Titans)
An anomaly amongst the women on this list, Anna Diop actually did receive some coverage for the way comic fans attacked her for her casting as Starfire in the new show Titans. It's hard for news outlets, even the small ones, to ignore the pure ignorance behind fans being angry that a black woman was cast as a ... wait for it... orange alien.

3. January Jones (Betty Draper - Mad Men)

January Jones (Betty Draper - Mad Men)
January Jones was the victim of an obscene amount of hatred as the leading lady, Betty Draper, of Mad Men because she was a nuanced character that didn't take too kindly to her husband lying to her for their whole marriage. I know. What a monster of a character, am I right?

4. Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood - Once Upon A Time)

Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood - Once Upon A Time)
Meghan Ory, the actress who played Red Riding Hood, also received a lot of hate for her character. In fact, she got so much hate, she ended up leaving Twitter to get away from the angry OUAT fans.

5. Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts - Doctor Who)

Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts - Doctor Who)
The new female Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, isn't the only actress from this show who received hate.Pearl Mackie also received hate for her role due to her race and the fact that she was an LGBTQ+ character. I guess the fans of this show don't really like much diversity... well, any diversity honestly.

6. Emily Vancamp (Sharon Carter - Captain America Franchise)

Emily Vancamp (Sharon Carter - Captain America Franchise)
Although her screen time in the MCU has been relatively low that has not stopped fans from attacking Emily Vancamp. Apparently, some fans who want Captain America and Bucky to together take it upon themselves to bully Captain America's actual love interest, Sharon Carter, because it's common for writers and directors to change aspects like these in movies due to fans bullying the actors (sarcasm).

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