21 Breakout Characters of 2018

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Who were the biggest breakout characters of 2018?

That's what we're here to determine!

Some of these characters are on brand new shows, others are new characters on established shows, and some have been around awhile but didn't reach their full potential until this year. 

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All of them left a lasting impression on us one way or another. From good guys to villains, our list includes all kinds of characters. Did your favorite make the cut?

Scroll through our picks and let us know if you agree! 

1. Coop - All American

Coop - All American
This may be Spencer's story, but it was Coop who stole the show. Our hearts broke for her when she came out to her mom and was subsequently kicked out of her house. We worried for her as she fell deeper into the gang life, and our hearts broke all over again at her devastation when Shawn was killed. Bre-Z has been knocking it out of the park all season, making Coop a true stand out.

2. Villanelle - Killing Eve

Villanelle - Killing Eve
Killing Eve was one of the year's best shows, and a large part of that was due to the incredibly talented leads. Either character could be on this list, but we're giving the nod to Villanelle for truly blowing us away as a seductive, manipulative, and often funny hitwoman. There simply is no other character like her on TV, and she had us engrossed from beginning to end. Jodie Comer truly deserved an Emmy nomination.

3. Conrad - The Resident

Conrad - The Resident
Conrad puts his patients first and doesn't have time to deal with hospital beauracracy. He's the doctor you want on your case. Conrad does not give up, and he goes above and beyond to give his patients the best care possible. He's tough on Devon, but only because he wants to ensure he's prepared for anything.

4. Toni - Riverdale

Toni - Riverdale
Toni had a great year in 2018 that was explored further with her witty retorts, assertiveness, and new relationship with Cheryl. She also went from recurring character to series regular which makes her a bigger part of the show now.

5. Arthur - God Friended Me

Arthur - God Friended Me
Joe Morton has such a gift and he's mesmerizing to watch. It was hard to embrace him as an inherently good reverend after watching him as the psychopath father and leader of B613 from Scandal. Yet somehow, Morton made Arthur an even stronger, more commanding and complex character than Eli Pope. It's exciting to see his softer side, and he still delivers great advice!

6. Ravi - iZombie

Ravi - iZombie
Ravi has always been great on iZombie, but he outdid himself in 2018. iZombie Season 4 was a bit of a mixed bag, but Ravi remained the highlight. Due to unusual circumstances, he had the best (and worst) of both worlds by being a human who becomes a zombie once a month. Ravi as a zombie on brains is even more hilarious than normal Ravi!

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