21 Characters Who Are Just Jerks

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They say art imitates life, and just like in real life there are jerks on TV too.

It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, because everyone on TV (and in real life) can be a jerk sometimes.

Some of these characters are jerks year-round, others only part time, and some may have made a bad choice one time, but it made them look like a jerk anyway.

Check out our list of jerks below and see if you agree with our picks! 

1. Louis Litt - Suits

Louis Litt - Suits
Louis is the epitome of selfish and arrogant. He's a know-it-all who hates everybody. He’s the leader of the "woe is me" club and thinks no one likes him. He's right. They don't, and we don’t. He truly is the Moby Dick of all jerks.

2. Lucious Lyon - Empire

Lucious Lyon - Empire
From the very beginning Lucious has shown how much of a jerk he can be. Not only is he controlling and selfish, he’s arrogant and extraordinarily mean. He loves to play favorites with his kids, and then turn on them in a flash.

He lies whenever necessary, and will leave people in a lurch if it suits him. He’s horrible to women and has betrayed everyone around him at one time or another, and we’ve only just finished Season 2! As hard as we tried, there's not much to like about this jerk.

3. Corky Corcoran - The Night Manager

Corky Corcoran - The Night Manager
Corky was suspicious of Jonathan Pine the minute he showed up to save Danny from kidnappers, and he let Pine know it in some not so nice words and ways throughout the entire series.

But, his jerkiest moment was when he got drunk at lunch and made the biggest scene ever when he verbally attacked a waiter, made a snarky toast to Jed, grabbed Pine’s butt, and called his boss an idiot.

Tom Hollander took the word “jerk” to new levels with this outstanding performance.

4. Black Jack Randall - Outlander

Black Jack Randall - Outlander
Jerk might actually be a compliment for this jerk since he may possibly be the worst of the worst. There aren’t enough words to describe how much we loathe this guy. He’s arrogant, sadistic, and absolutely despicable. He’s done unspeakable things to both children and adults and is a menace to society.

5. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

Felicity Smoak - Arrow
Sure Felicity is a fan favorite, but that doesn’t mean she’s not immune to being a jerk sometimes. When she found out Oliver had a son, she wasn’t very sympathetic, not because of William, but because Oliver never told her about the boy. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t Oliver’s choice not to tell her, she still ended her relationship with him anyway.

Her biggest jerk moment of this whole scenario came during a later episode when she told Dig that he was “one illegitimate child away from a really awesome Oliver Queen impersonation.”

Really, Felicity? Being a jerk is not your style, but that was a pretty jerky thing for you to say.

6. Marnie Michaels - Girls

Marnie Michaels - Girls
How much of a jerk is Marnie? Let us count the ways: She’s judgemental. She’s a phony. She uses people. She’s a control freak. She’s two-faced. She's annoying. She’s arrogant. She's horrible. Need we say more?

7. Frank Gallagher - Shameless

Frank Gallagher - Shameless
Frank is the most irresponsible person on planet Earth. He treats his kids like garbage, lies and steals, and in the most incredulous display of jerkism celebrates a successful alcohol-related liver transplant by drinking beer.

8. Jim Gordon - Gotham

Jim Gordon - Gotham
Jim Gordon is supposed to be a hero, but so far he’s been nothing but a jerk. Jim is willing to cross the line at every opportunity even killing to get what he wants. Yet, he isn’t willing to suffer the consequences either blaming others for his actions or being mean to the people he loved or used to love.

We’re hoping Professor Strange’s mind games during the Season 2 finale will help Jim back on the road to being the hero he’s meant to be.

9. Sean Renard - Grimm

Sean Renard - Grimm
Renard takes the cake when it comes to being a self-absorbed jackass. He’s hungry for power and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants no matter who he hurts along the way. Besides, anyone who wants to hurt Nick as badly as Renard does is a complete jerk in our books.

10. Juliette Barnes - Nashville

Juliette Barnes - Nashville
Juliette may be beautiful with a beautiful voice, but underneath she’s just a nasty jerk. She’s a spoiled brat who has an overblown sense of entitlement. She’s mean to those around her, snapping at them for no reason or stupid reasons. She throws shade at both her rivals and well-wishers and will step over everyone to get what she wants. She may be Queen of the Bitch Face, but she's also Queen of the Jerks.

11. Matt Wozniak - Shades of Blue

Matt Wozniak - Shades of Blue
Wozniak will do whatever it takes to save himself and only himself. You may think he’s your friend, but that’s a far cry from the truth. He makes up his own rules, and he’s crooked as hell. If you get in his way, you better watch out! There’s nothing this jerk won’t do to get what he wants.

12. Danny Reagan - Blue Bloods

Danny Reagan - Blue Bloods
Danny may think he’s a good husband and cop, but he needs to have his head examined. Not only does he think he’s superior to his wife in the job department, he doesn’t know how to play by the rules in the job department. If doesn’t get what he wants, he’ll bully his way through anything and everything. Sure, he gets the job done, but he doesn’t have to be a jerk about it.

13. Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist

Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist
Red was devastated when he thought Lizzie was dead, but was sympathy really warranted for this sometimes jerk? Instead of telling Lizzie (and us) what his connection was with her, he just strung her along using the excuse that to tell her the truth would be too dangerous. Yet, the danger was always there because of him.

It’s kind of hard to believe he cares so much when he’s tries to control every aspect of her life. His arrogance about it all sends him directly into jerk territory.

14. Cat Grant - Supergirl

Cat Grant - Supergirl
Cat Grant is super successful, but she is one awful boss. She has no problem saying exactly what’s on her mind and doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts in the process. She’s not only good at belittling those around her, but she’s also demanding, conniving, incredibly cruel, and a complete jerk.

15. Alfred - Gotham

Alfred - Gotham
It’s hard to believe that Bruce’s loyal servant is a jerk, but it’s true. When he slapped Selina Kyle for no good reason while he was waiting for Bruce to get out of school one day, there was a collective gasp heard around the Gotham world. You don’t hit little girls, Alfred, it’s just not what you do. And for that one lapse of judgment, sir, you’ve placed yourself on this list.

16. Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones

Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones
Ramsay Bolton is one sick and crazy bastard. He kills and tortures for pleasure, and we will never forgive him for what he did to Theon and Sansa. This guy exceeds the definition of jerk.

17. Maryse Lightwood - Shadowhunters

Maryse Lightwood - Shadowhunters
Maryse Lightwood has serious issues. Maryse was a jerk the minute she stepped foot in the Institute. She took her bad attitude out on Isabelle at the first opportunity attacking her for no real reason.

She also wasn’t too happy when Magnus showed up at Alec’s wedding calling him “that warlock,” but it only got worse when she realized her son was gay. Maryse needs a serious attitude check and fast!

18. Norman Bates - Bates Motel

Norman Bates - Bates Motel
Norman is a spoiled brat who has gotten everything he’s ever wanted his entire life. Granted, the only thing he’s ever wanted is to be with Mother, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a jerk. His passive/aggressive and jealous tendencies don’t make him very endearing, no matter how much of a baby face he has.

19. Peter Griffin - Family Guy

Peter Griffin - Family Guy
There are so many jerks on Family Guy, it’s hard to choose just one, but Peter has our vote. He’s a selfish, ignorant fool who’s mean to his entire family. Have you ever seen a guy who basically ignores his baby son or repeatedly says horrible things to his only daughter?

Lois doesn’t fare much better and neither does Chris. About the only thing he has tolerance for is his friends and beer. And that’s a dirty shame, you jerk.

20. Simon Lewis - Shadowhunters

Simon Lewis - Shadowhunters
Simon used to be such a nice guy when he was just Clary’s dorky sidekick, but the minute he turned into a vampire, the jerk in him came out big time. His jerkiest moment came at Alec and Lydia’s wedding when he gave Jace a look of pure cockiness at Jace’s heartbreak at not being able to be with Clary.

Gloating is not your strong suit, Simon, so give it up.

21. Dougal MacKenzie - Outlander

Dougal MacKenzie - Outlander
Dougal is the most vile jerk on the planet. Not only did he do horrible things on Season 1 of Outlander, just recently he solidified his status as one of the world’s worst jerks.

After the Jacobites victory at Prestonpans, Dougal celebrated by killing wounded British soldiers instead of having them brought to the infirmary. Sure, we all hated what Black Jack Randall did to Jamie, but was this any better?

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