21 Characters Who Carried the Show on Their Backs

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The main character isn't always the best character.

Sometimes the lead or the main cast can't carry their fair share of weight, and the responsibility of keeping the audience entertained falls on one characterer in particular. 

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We created a slideshow below of 21 characters who carried the show on their backs! 

1. Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles

Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles
Eretria was always the best part of The Shannara Chronicles. Her growth and her personal arc carried the story and made each episode more interesting than the last.

2. Fonzie - Happy Days

Fonzie - Happy Days
Fonzie may have started off the show as a secondary character, but he moved up in the ranks. In time, he became the lead of the show, and the network even considered renaming Happy Days after him.

3. Ava Jalali - The Perfectionists

Ava Jalali - The Perfectionists
The Perfectionists is nowhere near as good as Pretty Little Liars. But the whole spinoff feels worth it just for Ava Jalali. It's all too easy to feel a connection to her character, and her storyline is the most exciting aspect of the show.

4. J.R. Ewing - Dallas

J.R. Ewing - Dallas
Dallas wasn't originally supposed to focus on J.R. He became such an integral and beloved character that his storyline quickly moved front and center on the show.

5. Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
Serena was the "It Girl" on the series, but her best friend Blair was by far the most interesting. Her quirky attitude and her determination to succeed are what made Gossip Girl so successful.

6. Castiel - Supernatural

Castiel - Supernatural
Castiel AND the Winchesters carry the show on their backs. We would have no show without Sam and Dean. But the show significantly improved when Castiel got introduced, and he has become just as crucial as the Winchesters themselves.

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