21 Characters Who Carried the Show on Their Backs

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7. Maya Hart - Girl Meets World

Maya Hart - Girl Meets World
Did anyone else start to believe that Maya was actually the girl on "Girl Meets World?" Her story was better articulated than Riley's, and no matter how much you love Riley's character, it's impossible to argue that Maya's comedic personality mixed with her emotional journey was what made the show such a success.

8. Sawyer Ford - Lost

Sawyer Ford - Lost
Sawyer was FAR more engaging than Jack Shephard, the show's protagonist. But to be fair, everything was more entertaining than Jack.

9. Joey Potter - Dawson's Creek

Joey Potter - Dawson's Creek
Can we start a petition to take Dawson's name out of the title? He was altogether the worst, and while viewers were supposed to be focusing on who Dawson would end up with, we only cared about Joey and her romantic life.

10. Shoshanna Shapiro - Girls

Shoshanna Shapiro - Girls
Hanna's friend Shoshanna had an exciting story that should have been highlighted more on Girls. The whole series would have improved by letting her step into the spotlight.

11. Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale

Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale
The characters on Riverdale can be both bland and unlikeable at times, but Cheryl Blossom is a light in the dark. Her personality is incredibly unique, and her relationship with Toni lifts the show to new levels and makes it worth the watch.

12. Stewie Griffin - Family Guy

Stewie Griffin - Family Guy
The best episodes of Family Guy are always the ones that revolve around Stewie. The characters can be downright bland, but the uniqueness of Stewie's character is what makes the show funny in the first place.

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