21 Characters Who Use Sarcasm as a Weapon

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7. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)

Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
The sassy temp from Chiswick bought some spunk to the Tardis in Doctor Who Season 4. Perhaps one of her prime moments was when she greeted an alien by introducing herself as, "Donna Noble. I'm a human being! Maybe not the stuff of legend but every bit as important as Time Lords like you."

8. Sophia Patrillo (Golden Girls)

Sophia Patrillo (Golden Girls)
While Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy all had their own unique personalities, Sophia's perspective and biting sarcasm, often at Dorothy's expense is a pleasure to watch.

9. Zelda Spellman (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Zelda Spellman (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
While the older Spellman sister is usually very serious, there are times when the lowest form of irony graces her lips on occasion. And it's her satan-given right given everything she does for her family.

10. Gregory House (House M.D.)

Gregory House (House M.D.)
As Dr. Cuddy once explained it, "The son of a bitch is the best doctor we have." Which means he can get away with quite a bit, including some incredibly sarcastic remarks directed at Dr. Cuddy (aka his boss), his underlings, his patients, and even his best friend Wilson.

11. Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls)

Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls)
Luke Danes is your classic curmudgeon on Gilmore Girls. He meets anything he doesn't like with a fair amount of sarcasm and witty repartee. That hasn't changed over the years. The Netflix revival of the series had a sequence with him making up fake wi-fi passwords for any customer who asked. Totally in character for a man who hates phones.

12. Nicky Nichols (Orange is the New Black)

Nicky Nichols (Orange is the New Black)
Nicky's got a special way of dealing with the world: sarcasm. While there are nuggets of smart advice underneath Nicky's biting commentary, it definitely feels like she uses it as a defense mechanism at times.

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