21 Jaw-Dropping Moments from Gotham Season 3

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7. Barnes Loses Control

Barnes Loses Control
Barnes was one of our favorites as he didn't quite fit into the culture of Gotham and the GCPD. Still, he always tried to do the right thing even if the right thing wasn't for the best. When he became infected with Alice Tetch's virus it took his holier-than-though attitude to a new level causing him to be the judge, jury, and executioner, something, deep down, he always believed he was. It was a surprising twist watching the one-time good guy turn bad, but it was a welcome relief for a character that was turning stale.

8. Nygma Shoots Penguin

Nygma Shoots Penguin
While many of us were clamoring for a Penguin/Nygma hookup, Nygma had other ideas after he learned Penguin killed Isabella. Nygma was angry, and we didn't think he'd shoot his best friend and throw him in the bay, but that's exactly what he did. Thanks to Ivy, Penguin recovered and exacted his revenge on his old friend when he froze him in ice with the help of Mr. Freeze.

9. Jerome Returns

Jerome Returns
Jerome made a lasting impression on Gotham Season 2 and built up quite a following. After he was revived on Season 3, he wreaked havoc on Gotham once again, as he took Bruce and the city hostage. Bruce fought for his life and won, but what happened to Jerome? Is he set to make another return?

10. A Honeymoon Destroyed

A Honeymoon Destroyed
Was it any surprise that Jim would somehow destroy Lee's life again? Jim had every right to go after Mario since he was infected with the virus, but will we ever really know if Mario was really going to kill Lee?

11. Fish Dies...For Good

Fish Dies...For Good
Fish Mooney graced our screen since the beginning of Gotham. Although her character had mixed reviews from fans, we always found her a lot of fun. She died by Penguin's hands, but came back to life thanks to Professor Strange's experiments. Just when we though all would be back to normal in Gotham's underworld with her and Penguin at the helm, Jim ruined that dream when he accidentally killed her in the warehouse. There's no coming back for Fish this time, and we bid her a fond farewell.

12. Jim vs. Zsasz

Jim vs. Zsasz
The battle between Zsasz and Jim was one of our favorites of the season. Carmine was angry about Mario's death, as any father would be, and sent Zsasz to take care of his son's killer. Who knew Jim had as many moves as he did? He was able to survive Zsasz's attack but only because Carmine called off the hit thanks to Lee.

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