21 Most Shippable Moments So Far of Riverdale Season 3

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In a dark and twisted show like Riverdale, it’s safe to say you never quite know what the writers will throw at you next. With storylines of serial killer fathers, drug wars and cult derived board games, things are never simple.

If there’s one thing fans can count on from this perverse small town series, it’s quality shippable moments between their favorite characters. 
Canon or not, Riverdale always seems to find the time for sweet, sexy and romantic scenes that will make even the most obscure shipper happy. 
There may be plenty of episodes left to go, but we're counting down the 21 most shippable moments of Riverdale Season 3 so far! 
And if you're not all caught up, be sure to watch Riverdale online, since there are plenty of spoilers below!

21. Josie and Sweet Pea's Summer Fling

Josie and Sweet Pea's Summer Fling
We didn’t get much from these two, and they definitely took us by surprise, but Josie and Sweetpea shared quite the shippable moment in the season three premiere. At the Labor Day pool party, it was revealed the two had a “summer fling," and although Josie ultimately shut Sweet Pea’s continuous advances down, we were seriously intrigued by these two! We’d love to see more scenes between them, but the rumor is Josie’s next romance will be no other than our resident red-haired hero Archie Andrews. Which also sounds pretty good to us!

20. Betty Tends To Archie's Wounds

Betty Tends To Archie's Wounds
After the crazy pace of the previous episode, it was endearing to watch Betty tend to best friend Archie in a quiet moment. It was a quick and subtle scene, but Betty clearly will always have a soft spot for Archie, and this scene showcased that sentiment perfectly.

19. Fred and Alice's Library Rendevous

Fred and Alice's Library Rendevous
The Midnight Club was an episode of Riverdale we never knew we needed, and it provided us with potential ships we never thought we’d root for; "Fralice" being one of them. In their adult forms, we’d never even think twice about putting these two together, but a look back at their time in high school had us second-guessing our ship preferences! There was a little bit of angst between them, but this soft and tender moment in the library is what really sold us. It gave us total Betty and Archie vibes, so who knows? Maybe Fred Andrews is what Alice Cooper (sorry, Alice Smith) needs, especially after being married to a serial killer.

18. Jughead and Archie Hit The Road Together

Jughead and Archie Hit The Road Together
You could just call it an epic bromance moment, but the reveal that Jughead was giving up his entire life to run away with Archie did something to us. Not only did the scene give us serious Stand By Me feels, it really highlighted how much these two guys care about each other. Their loyalty through adversary is truly admirable, and in another life, they would make the perfect couple.

17. Veronica and Reggie Make Plans To Take Down Hiram

Veronica and Reggie Make Plans To Take Down Hiram
Veggie is a ship fans (including us) have waited patiently for, and we’re thrilled that Riverdale Season 3 is finally giving us what we want! Riverdale tends to jump into relationship dynamics quickly, so the slow and steady growing chemistry between these two is refreshing. Veronica has lost her family, her boyfriend, and her entire sense of normality, so Reggie's loyalty means even more. Seeing him ready to jump headfirst into taking down Hiram makes us swoon, and with every passing episode, we root for these two a little more.

16. FP and Hermione's Chemistry Filled Quest

FP and Hermione's Chemistry Filled Quest
Another couple The Midnight Club shockingly threw our way was a young FP and Hermione. They may have been under the influence of Griffins and Gargoyles, but there was no denying the serious sparks flying between them, even if was just for a moment. It’s probably better Hermione turned FP down, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t help ourselves from hoping (just for a second!) that she would lean in and let him kiss her.

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