21 Sexy TV Characters Deserving of A Beach Day

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Summer's just around the corner and a lot of us are planning our vacations to the beach. Wouldn't it be great if you hauled all your gear to your favorite spot, slathered on sunscreen, built the perfect sandcastle, looked up saw your favorite TV character?

"Will you rub this sunscreen on my back?" They ask as you sit there with your mouth agape.

You already have your TV character in mind. Don't you?

Our 21 picks are characters from TV past and present who not only deserve a vacation but who we would love to see relaxing on a beach chair, riding the waves or playing volleyball in the sand.

Did your favorite make the cut? Read on and find out.

If your pick didn't make it, tell us your dream beach buddy in the comments!

1. Will Bowman - Colony

We wanted him on the beach with us during LOST and he hasn't changed a bit on Colony.

Will Bowman is some kind of sexy and would fit in nicely on any beach! Maybe it's the dimples.

2. Dutch - Killjoys

Dutch is a level 5 RAC agent and badass killing machine. Did we mention hot?

If anyone could use a day on the beach, it's her, and we'd love to see her there!

3. Negan - The Walking Dead

Yes, we know Negan will spend the rest of his life in prison on The Walking Dead, but will he? We wouldn't mind if he escaped and joined us on the beach, as long as he leaves Lucille behind.

4. Amanda Rollins - Law & Order: SVU

Detective Rollins is a complicated girl. She's an SVU detective, a mom, and a gambling addict. How does she juggle it all?

However she does it, she could use a day on the beach, and we'd love to join her!

5. Ryan Tanner - Station 19

Honestly, we would love to see the entire cast of Station 19 on the beach, but we're picking Ryan for our list this time.


He gets so emotionally jerked around by Andy, he could use some R & R. We'll bring the sunscreen!

6. Tulip - Preacher

Tulip lives a fast life and drives a fast car, so she needs to slow down and smell the beach air. Can't you see her in a bikini, on a beach chair in her sunglasses, sipping a Mai Tai?

We can!

7. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Show us what's under all those winter clothes, Jon Snow, and meet us at the beach! Let someone else take care of the north for a while. You could use some sun!

8. Chrisjen Avasarala - The Expanse

Avasarala would look lovely on her beloved Earth's beach. We wouldn't mind if she brought her bodyguard with her either. There's room for everyone!

9. Sayid - LOST

We don't know if we could get Sayid near a beach again, but we could try! Who would love to see him riding the waves in all his sexiness? Show of hands!

10. Abigail Griffin - The 100

What mother couldn't use a relaxing day on the beach? We know Abby could. Add to that her responsibilities as a doctor on The 100, and she's earned some fun in the sun. Get that woman a swimsuit! Stat!

11. Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy

Playboy turned married man, Alex Karev knows he's sexy and we do too, so he would be perfect on the beach.

After all of Alex's emotional drama over the years, we think he's earned a spot. We'll enter him in some beach volleyball!

12. Olivia Dunham - Fringe

Talk about the weight of the world! Olivia Dunham has been through hell and back. She needs to be on the beach, toes in the sand, with Peter by her side.

We don't care what timeline, just get her there.

13. Eric - True Blood

Ahh, True Blood, full of sexy stressed out people. We're picking Eric for our beach fantasy because it has to be hard living forever at the top of the food chain.

Right? Or maybe we just want to see him on the beach. We'll never tell!

14. Amy Pond - Doctor Who

It appears Amy Pond is already at the beach with the Doctor. It was meant to be!

Her relationship with the Doctor is complicated, making her life a bit stressful. Time travel and all. She deserves a relaxing day!

Make it a warmer climate, though.

15. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Although we can't see Daryl willingly going to the beach, we would like to! This sexy zombie fighting redneck with a heart of gold is in need of some zombie-free chill time.

If we can lure Daryl to the beach, we're sure he'll have a good time.

16. Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

Who doesn't love a woman who works her way to the top on her own? Also, she's the mother of dragons!

That's a lot of hard work. It's a wonder how she stays so beautiful.

Imagine one of her dragons flying her to a beach near you. That would be sweet!

17. Elliot Stabler - Law & Order: SVU

Elliot lives on the edge of stress with his job and his family. Maybe the beach could help him with his anger management issues.

We can't see him frolicking on the beach willingly (although he'd look good,) but we bet Olivia Benson could get him there. We would love to see that!

18. Lindsay Bluth Funke - Arrested Development

We wouldn't call Lindsay stressed out by any stretch, but she is a hot mess. One thing's for sure, she won't be bringing her daughter with her!

Maybe a day at the beach will help her forget she's not really a Bluth.

19. Lucifer - Lucifer

We would love Lucifer to bring his devilish good looks to the beach. He's used to hot temps, so he might feel right at home!

20. Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds

Derek would fit right in on a nice hot beach. It had to be hard on him to leave his Criminal Minds family. Look, he has his sunglasses all ready to go!

21. Erin Reagan - Blue Bloods

She's smart, she's beautiful, and she has a very stressful job. Add to that the pressures of being a Reagan, and no one deserves a day at the beach more than Erin!

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