21 Shows to Watch Before Catching Some Zzz's

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7. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie
Hart of Dixie's Zoe Hart is an uptight, obsessive, and slightly crazy woman, but her spirit is what made the series last for four seasons on The CW. The relaxing, ridiculous, and unrealistic drama of each episode will have you ready to sleep and start the next day fresh. Just don't leave the volume up too loud because Zoe tends to yell at Wade a lot.

8. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope's crazy adventures in Pawnee, Indiana will surely end your day with a smile, and nothing that happens on Parks and Rec is anything that will cause any negative emotions, usually.

9. Charmed

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige's lives may have been dark due to the constant demon attacks and deaths they nearly avoided, but the sisterhood between them is something that'll make you smile, and the show never quite goes so dark that it's like you're watching a crime show before bed. It's just the right amount of action, drama, and comedy, which is probably why it's one of Netflix's top shows.

10. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls
Stars Hollow is the little town everyone from a big city would love to live in, and it's the perfect little town to escape to if you hate the one you're currently in. Like Hart of Dixie, the southern charm and ridiculous drama of the series make it the perfect combination to end your day with a smile, yet you'll still be captivated by the journey of the characters. Just don't get so sucked in you watch eight episodes in a row... it could happen.

11. Glee

While Glee may have ended in 2015, the legacy of the show lives on as it created one of the biggest fanbases of any show. And Glee is ridiculous, over the top dramatic, and all-around terrible sometimes, but that's what makes the series amazing. Plus, falling asleep in the middle of an episode won't really make you miss much because each week has a new musical theme correlating with the topics on hand.

12. Full(er) House

Full(er) House
The Tanners have been a household name for several decades now, and nobody can honestly say they haven't seen an episode of Full House, correct? Whether it be the original or Netflix's Fuller House, this family is there for you everywhere you look and it's a hopeful, ridiculous comedy to end your day and lead to ridiculous dreams.

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