21 TV Characters with Administrative Jobs

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What characters have had jobs in an administrative capacity? Find out here!

1. Meredith -- Mad Men

Meredith -- Mad Men
In a recent interview, portrayer Stephanie Drake has coined Meredith Don's best secretary to date. After all, when he was almost voted out of the firm, she told him she knew he was vulnerable, that she was his strength and kissed him on the cheek. Her humor and ditziness keep Don on his toes!

2. Donna Paulsen -- Suits

Donna Paulsen -- Suits
Donna is an executive assistant and one of the most formidable minds at Pearson, Specter, Litt. She worked for Harvey until their falling out in Season 5 and she moved on with Louis Litt. She's a trusted ally to pretty much everyone and the go-to gal for all of the associates. She's invaluable.

3. Miss Jane Hathaway -- The Beverly Hillbillies

Miss Jane Hathaway -- The Beverly Hillbillies
Miss Jane worked for Mr. Drysdale, the Clampetts' neighbor, banker and confident and while she always carried out her bosses wishes, she was secretly fond of the Clampetts and they considered her family.

4. Jonathan -- 30 Rock

Jonathan -- 30 Rock
Jonathan was Jack's assistant and had an obsessive admiration for him, which led to a feeling of disdain for Liz, who he believed wasn't worthy of Jack's attention.

5. Agnes DiPesto -- Moonlighting

Agnes DiPesto -- Moonlighting
Agnes was the loyal and quirky receptionist for the Blue Moon Detective Agency. She always answered the phone in a rhyme.

6. Della Street -- Perry Mason

Della Street -- Perry Mason
Perry Mason's secretary had to be as on top of things as Mason himself and Della Street fit that bill. She's shrewd and smart and never missed a beat. She's the essence of efficiency.

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