21 TV Characters with Administrative Jobs

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7. Jennifer Marlowe -- WKRP in Cincinnatti

Jennifer Marlowe -- WKRP in Cincinnatti
As the station receptionist, she takes calls. She does not take dictation, type letters, make or get coffee. She says she's a member of the Sisterhood of Blond Receptionists and if someone saw their minimum salary, they'd have a heart attack and die. As she explains in one episode, "I am a receptionist. Receptionists receive. They offer comfort, provide support, answer a few telephone calls. But they do not type, unless it's for a very good cause."

8. Pam Beesly -- The Office

Pam Beesly -- The Office
Pam was the receptionist and eventually office administrator on The Office. She started out as a temp and remarked, "I don't think it's many little girls' dream to be a receptionist."

9. Karen -- Will & Grace

Karen -- Will & Grace
Karen rarely does any work, but to get away from Stan and the kids she acts as Grace's personal assistant and eventually takes a job, before getting fired, as Jack's assistant at "Out TV."

10. Beth -- News Radio

Beth -- News Radio
Beth, Dave's secretary, was quirky, chewed a lot of gum and her low salary was the butt of the office jokes. For that alone she deserves a nod today!

11. Betty Suarez -- Ugly Betty

Betty Suarez -- Ugly Betty
Betty was the personal assistant to Daniel Meade, Mode Magazine's new Editor-in Chief. Not bad for a gal that most of the world considers to be unattractive. She showed them!

12. Dennis Finch -- Just Shoot Me

Dennis Finch -- Just Shoot Me
The executive assistant to Blush Managazine owner Jack Gallow, he had a singular devotion to the man and a unique rapport that allowed him to see his boss' every need before it became one. He didn't however, want to be recognized on an episode called "Secretary's Day." Take that as you will!

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