21 TV Shows to Make You Forget About the Real World

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Television has always been a form of entertainment for the viewing masses.

Sure, you could fill your free time watching the horrors of the real world play out on a myriad of news stations. Or sit back and entertain yourself with endless political bickering.

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But why bother with that nonsense when all you really want to do is tune out?

There are so many options for great escapist television. Some shows are mind-numbingly fun; others give you food for thought, but all of the TV shows on our list will make you forget the real world.

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Take a look and let us know which are your favorites when you need to get away!

1. What We Do in the Shadows - FX

What We Do in the Shadows - FX
There's no better way to escape the problems of the real world than watching a group of ridiculous vampires deal with theirs. From trying to fit into the new world of vampires and take control of a city to coping with the outrageous personalities of their small group, What We Do in the Shadows will take you away like no other show on TV.

2. Happy! - SyFy

Happy!  - SyFy
It's always nice to have a friend on your side even if it's an imaginary one. Nick is a hitman who might think he slipped into some sort of retribution purgatory because of all his past sins, but when a blue-winged horse named Happy enters his life, he starts to look at things a bit differently. Happy! will give you a much-needed reprieve from the woes of your world, and you'll be much happier for having spent the time with Nick and his imaginary friend.

3. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix
Although canceled by Netflix, Santa Clarita Diet is at the top of the list for helping you escape from the real world because in the real world there are no zombies living next door, right. Or are there? This show will have you laughing in no time allowing you to live in a moment of happiness where no troubles exist.

4. Chesapeake Shores - Hallmark

Chesapeake Shores - Hallmark
Chesapeake Shores is a show that allows us to slide into the life of Abby Winters who isn't exactly living an ideal one. Watching her face and defeat her challenges makes us forget our own and perhaps even helps us look at our problems from a new perspective and realize that things aren't as bad as they seem.

5. Superstore - NBC

Superstore - NBC
Walking into a megastore is like walking into an alternate reality at times, and sometimes living in an alternate reality is better than real life. Superstore brings this alternate reality to life with wacky character who have bizarre and hilarious interactions between themselves and their customers. There's also romance which is always a fun thing to watch when you're looking for escapist television.

6. The Great British Bakeoff - PBS

The Great British Bakeoff - PBS
The Great British Bakeoff is a bingeworthy show that will make you forget everything wrong in your life in no time as you watch bakers compete to create seemingly impossible desserts. Paul Hollywood's quirky quips and low-key insults make the competition even more fun to watch.

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