21 TV Shows to Make You Forget About the Real World

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7. GLOW - Netflix

GLOW - Netflix
It's smackdown time with the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling who will take you away on a journey through the world of women's wrestling. Infighting, romance, and just plain fun, GLOW is the show you never knew you needed to forget about the real world.

8. Hell's Kitchen - FOX

Hell's Kitchen - FOX
Bad day at work? Are the kids driving you crazy? Is the wife on a nagging spree? Well, you'll forget all about that noise after watching chef Ramsay Bolton lay out the chefs in this cooking competition show. Bolton is a no holds barred kind of guy who has no problem telling anyone what he thinks and why. He gives our explosive fantasies about what we'd really like to say to people who aggravate us to no end a home. If only, right?

9. Doom Patrol - DC Universe

Doom Patrol - DC Universe
Everyone needs a superhero in their life and when they're a group of misfit superheroes like the ones on Doom Patrol, it makes it all the more fun. Even if the rest of the world doesn't value them as much as we do, their antics and adventures make dealing with the real world a little bit easier.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - NBC
Cops aren't necessarily everyone's best friend, but the cops on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are different. They're funny, smart, and provide us with endless hours of entertainment. They make all our troubles disappear when we get to live in their world and not ours.

11. The Haunting of Hill House - Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House - Netflix
There's nothing like excellent, scary television to take us into worlds unlike our own. When it's smart, scary television like The Haunting of Hill House...well, there's nothing better. Grab a bucket of popcorn, turn off the lights, and indulge. You'll definitely feel a lot better when you're done bingeing this show.

12. Catastrophe - Amazon Prime

Catastrophe - Amazon Prime
Catastrophes happen all the time, but Sharon and Rob's own personal catastrophe is well worth a watch if you're looking for some laughs and a few hours of escapist television. How they deal with their current and complicated situation is a prime example of people who just might have it a bit worse than you do.

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