23 Characters Who Are as American as Apple Pie

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We all love the country we call home, but nobody loves their country more than these TV characters.

It's easy to picture them grilling burgers and dogs in the backyard with fireworks shooting off in the distance, and a red, white, and blue backdrop.

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Maybe they're wearing a uniform, and maybe they're not. In either case, they are making America a safer and better place to be by doing what they do.

When you think of love of country, fireworks, and apple pie, which TV characters come to mind? Who's out there fighting for you?

Read on to see if your patriot made our list.

1. Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods

Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods
Nw York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan has been serving his country in one way or another his entire adult life. After serving in the United States Marine Corp, he joined the NYPD and was later appointed commissioner. You can't get much more American than that.

2. Jethro Gibbs - NCIS

Jethro Gibbs - NCIS
Gibbs also served in the Marine Corp as a sniper before taking command of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Straight laced Gibbs always gets his man, and he loves serving his country.

3. Sherman T. Potter - MASH

Sherman T. Potter - MASH
Army Colonel Sherman T. Potter replaced Henry Blake as the leader the 4077th MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit stationed in Korea. Not only does he serve his country, which is American enough, he often talks about how much he loves Missouri and the things he misses from back home.

4. Carrie Mathison - Homeland

Carrie Mathison - Homeland
CIA operative Carrie Mathison may have struggled with her mental stability, and decision making abilities, but no one can dispute the love she has for America. She'll go to any lengths, and we mean any lengths, to do what her country asks of her.

5. Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope is the enthusiastic Deputy Director of the Parks and Rec Department in Pawnee, Indiana. She's wanted to serve in the government her whole life and believes it's there to serve the people, which she does proudly.

6. President Bartlet - The West Wing

President Bartlet - The West Wing
Jed Barlet proudly serves the United States as President, where he won by a landslide. In fact, he's never lost an election his 36-year career serving the people. He did his job with honor and pride until MS forced him out of office.

7. Elliot Stabler - Law & Order: SVU

Elliot Stabler - Law & Order: SVU
Leaving an abusive home, Elliot Stabler escaped by joining the United States Marine Corp. He was so proud to serve corp and country, he displays an EGA (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor) USMC tattoo on his forearm for all to see. He continues to make the world a better place as an SVU detective and locking up bad guys.

8. Members of The Unit

Members of The Unit
The Unit was a top-secret special ops unit for the U.S. Army, carrying out dangerous missions in foreign lands to keep America safe. We can't pick just one of these men as the most American because they all love their country in equal measure. They give of themselves to ensure American safety and freedom.

9. SEAL Team

SEAL Team is an elite unit serving in the U.S. Navy SEAL program. Like The Unit, the SEAL team sacrifices everything to go on dangerous missions for their country and to keep her safe. That's love.

10. Seely Booth - Bones

Seely Booth - Bones
It's hard to think of all-American without thinking of Seely Booth. Sure, he's a Special Agent with the FBI, who we love seeing make goo-goo eyes at Brennan. Let's not forget his first love. His country. He was a sniper in the U.S. Army rangers, and is extremely proud to have done so.

11. Elizabeth McCord - Madam Secretary

Elizabeth McCord - Madam Secretary
Being Secretary of State and former CIA analyst, Elizabeth McCord always knew there was a chance she would serve as President, and when the time came she was ready. The presidency was short-lived, but she was so eager to serve, by the end of the series, she was running for the position.

12. Tom Chandler - The Last Ship

Tom Chandler - The Last Ship
Although Tom Chandler originally joined the United States Navy to piss off his Army father, Tom quickly realized he loved the position. Now he spends his time running his Navy vessel not only to save America, but to save the world.

13. Jack Bauer - 24

Jack Bauer - 24
Retired American serviceman, Jack Bauer, loves the U.S. and its citizens. He saved countless lives from potential terrorist attacks, that not only cost him his wife but his freedom. What a selfless dude.

14. Tom Mason - Falling Skies

Tom Mason - Falling Skies
Before the invasion, Tom was a military history professor in Boston. He becomes second in command of a group of civilians fighting for the United States and its citizens very survival. Tom uses his knowledge of military history to aid him and his Militia in their fight for freedom.

15. Josh Nolan - Defiance

Josh Nolan - Defiance
Nolan was a high ranking lieutenant in the Earth Military Coalition and fought for Earth against aliens arriving on the planet. While it's true he was fighting for all of Earth, he was all American, and enthusiastic about defending his home.

16. Emily Prentiss - Criminal Minds

Emily Prentiss - Criminal Minds
Although all members of the BAU have a love for their country, none of them show it more than Emily Prentiss. When she recited her commitment vows in open court to serve her country, we were all moved.

17. Claudia Joy Holden - Army Wives

Claudia Joy Holden - Army Wives
Claudia Joy was the Army wife to her Major General husband, Michael. She was the center of all the goings-on at the military base and served as a beacon of strength for the other Army wives. Claudia Joy fully supported her husband on his duty. A true patriot.

18. Alex Parrish - Quantico

Alex Parrish - Quantico
Alex went from FBI field agent to the CIA, before landing in covert black ops. She'll serve her country whatever way they call her to serve, and she'll kick ass doing it.

19. June - The Handmaid's Tale

June - The Handmaid's Tale
After all June's seen and gone through, she still believes America is out there, and God is by her side. She will do whatever she can to survive, help the resistance, and see to it that America lives again.

20. Jake Green - Jericho

Jake Green - Jericho
Jake Green was an unlikely hero with his background, but it was that very background that gave Jake the skills to survive. He put together supplies, trained others how to defend the town, and devised military plans to thwart whatever threat came down the pike. All for the greater good in his corner of America.

21. President Kirkman - Designated Survivor

President Kirkman - Designated Survivor
Even though serving as the President of the United States doesn't necessarily mean you love your country, Tom Kirkman certainly does. His focus is to unite the nation and rebuild the government after a crisis, and he works hard to do just that.

22. Will Bowman - Colony

Will Bowman - Colony
Will Bowman is currently fighting for American freedom and the freedom for all of humankind. As a former FBI Agent and Army Ranger, he'll do whatever it takes to restore a life free from bondage, and protect his family at all costs.

23. Team SIX

Team SIX
The U.S. Armed Forces have a team whose primary job is to counter terrorism and protect their nation. That team is SEAL Team Six, and they'll go anywhere and do just about anything to keep the United States free from harm.

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