23 Characters Who Prove The Mind is the Best Weapon

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You don't have to be an actual fighter to win a fight.

In fact, some of the most dangerous characters on television come after you with their intelligence and their ability to always stay one step ahead. 

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It doesn't matter how physically fit you are if you can't out-strategize your opponent. It's the smart ones, not the strong ones that you really need to look out for.

If it came down to it, we'd take brains over brawn any day. 

Check out our slideshow below of 23 characters who prove the mind is the best weapon! 

1. Patrick Jane - The Mentalist

Patrick Jane - The Mentalist
Considering he's a consultant for the FBI, no one can argue that Patrick has got some tricks up his sleeve. But it's his ability to get to the bottom of any crime mixed with his talent for picking up on the smallest details that really put him over the top.

2. Amy Santiago - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy Santiago - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Amy Santiago is someone you would never want to compete with. She's incredibly smart, driven, and determined to win. She even won in a fist fight with a man twice her size by using the sash from the wedding dress she was wearing as a makeshift rope.

3. Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock
This guy is obviously intelligent, no doubt about it. His ability to solve mysteries is incredible, and he's the classic character people always compare others to when they solve a case.

4. Amanita Caplan - Sense8

Amanita Caplan - Sense8
What would Nomi and the rest of the sensates have done without Amanita? Died, probably. To be honest, we're pretty sure this girl could hold her own in a fist fight just fine, but she's able to get her friends out of dire situations through her stealth and mad hacking abilities.

5. Maddie Bishop - Siren

Maddie Bishop - Siren
Maddie's intelligence is overlooked far too often on the show. It's actually insane just how smart she is, not even factoring in her knowledge of marine life. Maddie has saved Ryn and the mermaids on more than one occasion. She makes it look easy, but not many people would be able to pull off what Maddie can.

6. Tywin Lannister - Game of Thrones

Tywin Lannister - Game of Thrones
Sometimes manipulation is the best tactic. Tywin discovers people's weaknesses and uses them to his advantage, and he always fully thinks out his plans before actually executing them.

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