23 "Epic Loves" That are Epic Fails

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Not all relationships on television are as epic as the show tries to make them. In fact, there are some couples who everyone can see are toxic except for them.

To be quite honest, a lot of couples like this are overrated because of their ability to keep fans on their toes, but sometimes taking off your shipper goggles and looking at the big picture can change the way you view these relationships as a whole.

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Whether they're boring, not compatible, or flat out toxic, we created a list of 23 "epic loves" who we think are epic fails. 

1. Archie and Veronica - Riverdale

Archie and Veronica - Riverdale
Does anyone else find themselves falling asleep during Varchie scenes? They may have started out okay, but now their relationship is so tedious and overdramatic that it's dragging down the whole show. Not to mention how annoying they both got during the entirety of Riverdale Season 2. They really bring out the worst in each other. That's why we're Team Veggie and Barchie all the way!

2. Bellamy and Echo - The 100

Bellamy and Echo - The 100
Echo betrayed Bellamy, murdered his girlfriend, tried to kill his sister, and hurt Bellamy and his friends on multiple occasions. It doesn't get any unhealthier than that. Well, besides the fact that they skipped over an explanation for their relationship by using a six-year time jump.

3. Jon and Daenerys - Game of Thrones

Jon and Daenerys - Game of Thrones
We're not going to lie, we wish they weren't related. It's honestly scary the amount of chemistry they have. But the fact that Daenerys is Jon's aunt makes this entire thing a big no-no.

4. Cookie and Lucious - Empire

Cookie and Lucious - Empire
Cookie and Lucious are toxic with a capital "T." No matter how hard we think about it, there's really nothing we can say in defense of them.

5. Jackie and Kelso - That 70's Show

Jackie and Kelso - That 70's Show
Jackie and Kelso's relationship felt overly complicated for a reason. Sometimes if things are too hard you just need to let it go. The back and forth got both boring and annoying as the show continued.

6. Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl
Chuck and Blair are somehow still beloved by fans to this very day. Not only did Chuck attempt to rape two main characters in the very first episode, but he was both physically and emotionally abusive towards Blair throughout the entire series. Sorry, but bringing your girlfriend flowers doesn't automatically make up for being an outright horrible person.

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