23 Male TV Characters That Have Perfected The Look™

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7. John Proudstar - The Gifted

John Proudstar - The Gifted
There may be some speedbumps to get through but these looks are worth all the angst that The Gifted offers us along the way.

8. Nick Blaine - The Handmaid's Tale

Nick Blaine - The Handmaid's Tale
It can feel twisted to ship anything in a show as disturbing as The Handmaid's Tale but here we are and it is all Nick's fault.

9. Jamie Fraser - Outlander

Jamie Fraser - Outlander
Outlander can deal with some pretty heavy topics, but fans stick around because of the romance at the center of the story. The way Jamie looks at Claire is addicting enough to keep us coming back for more.

10. Gilbert Blythe - Anne With An E

Gilbert Blythe - Anne With An E
The actor who portrays Gilbert has managed to nail The Look at a young enough age that it is really shocking. Any romance that he is part of after this will be just as well received because of this skill that he managed to master.

11. James Cole - 12 Monkeys

James Cole - 12 Monkeys
The way that Cole and Cassie's look at each other are great examples of The Look in full execution. Cole makes it impossible not to want them together because there is all that potential when it comes down to his feelings for her.

12. James Valdez - Queen of the South

James Valdez - Queen of the South
This is a very obvious choice because there can't be this kind of list without James making some kind of appearance on it.

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