23 TV Couples Who Are Just Friends, Okay?!?

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TV is full of onscreen relationships. 

We’re inundated with characters who are either dating, have dated or whose entire storyline revolves around their unresolved sexual tension.

There are also plenty of good bromances and best girlfriends and we love them all.

But what about the men and women who are truly just friends?

Sometimes, despite the theory in the movie When Harry Met Sally, purely platonic relationships can be some of the most fulfilling. To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of some of TV’s best friends. 

Sometimes they fight, but they always work through it and they never fail to have one another’s backs.

Check out our list of 23 of the best platonic friends on TV!!

1. Alex Karev and Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy

Alex Karev and Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy
Ever since Meredith lost her "twisted sister" Christina, she made Alex her new person. They have no boundaries whatsoever, and it often interferes with Alex's relationship with Jo, but they're the last ones of the original gang left and they are now inseparable.

2. Mal and Zoe - Firefly

Mal and Zoe - Firefly
Zoe was Mal's first mate and closest friend. They had been through war together and knew each other like the backs of their own hands. Zoe was also happily married to Serenity's goofy, fun-loving pilot Wash, while Mal was busy denying his love for resident courtesan Inara. Mal once endured extended torture so Zoe could save her less-torture-resilient husband before charging back to save him. These two always knew they could rely on one another, no matter what.

3. Bonnie and Damon - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Damon - The Vampire Diaries
If you told Bonnie in season 1 that one day she would call Damon her best friend, she'd cast a nasty spell on you. After being trapped in a prison world together, they bonded. Their friendship stood a huge test when they found out that Bonnie's life was tethered to Elena's. As long as Bonnie lives, Elena remains asleep. Even so, Damon would do anything to keep his Bon Bon safe, even if that means he won't see his true love for 60 years.

4. Peggy and Jarvis - Marvel's Agent Carter

Peggy and Jarvis - Marvel's Agent Carter
These two British expats came together to make quite the entertaining comedy spy duo, but the friendship that evolved out of their dangerous work together proved stronger than vibranium.

5. Garcia and Morgan - Criminal Minds

Garcia and Morgan - Criminal Minds
From the first time Morgan deemed Garcia his "baby girl," their friendship has been unique, flirty, and funny. They deal with so much darkness every day, and their hilarious flirtations have always been an injection of levity. There's a reason Morgan has to warn her any time he puts her on speaker! They shared a deep bond that will definitely be missed now that he's left the show.

6. Javier Esposito and Kate Beckett - Castle

Javier Esposito and Kate Beckett - Castle
Detectives Kate Beckett and Javier Esposito met while working at the 12th precinct and had a brother/sister vibe from the very beginning of the series. We wish we knew more about the start of their friendship but the show never filled in their back story. Loyalty was very important to both Beckett and Esposito and the two had one another's backs through both personal and professional ordeals.

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