23 Most Diverse Casting and Representation of 2018

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This year was a memorable one when it came down to the representation, and we were offered within our favorite television shows.

Writing and casting people that make the story feel inclusive isn't about quantity, it is about quality. But the shows that stood out to us managed to achieve both.

They offered us a wide range of diverse characters, all with rich storylines that felt like they would appeal to the audience in various ways.

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Not everyone would see themselves in every character, but they would be able to connect to someone because of the care that was put into it from the very beginning.

Which TV shows do you think had the most diverse casting and representation of 2018?

1. Black Lightning

Black Lightning
Black Lightning just gets it right. The main characters are a Black family trying to deal with their patriarch going back to becoming a superhero, with them gradually joining him in the kickass vigilante life. On top of that, we have been blessed with Anissa Pierce, the first black lesbian superhero to be seen on network television and a stunning presence within the show. Black Lightning wins 2018 for us because it embodies both diversity and representation and could serve as a model for other TV shows.

2. All American

All American
All American feels underrated, if only because of how strong the show is and how little conversation there seems to be around it. The cast is diverse and the stories are important to have at a time when there is so much television happening and you just want to see something that connects with you because of the rich storytelling and character-rich season.

3. Shadowhunters

Even though it was canceled, Shadowhunters offered representation in its main characters. Most notably, the show offered its fans the lovely relationship between Magnus and Alec, a ship that is arguably one of the most popular right now and adds to the huge online presence for the show. But there was also asexuality represented on the show, something that isn't discussed on television at all, which makes Shadowhunters all the more valuable for it.

4. Supergirl

Supergirl has been killing it lately, especially with its introduction of the first trans superhero in its current season. Nia Nal is an absolute delight on the show, and so is Alex Danvers who had an extremely important coming out story on the show as well.

5. The Flash

The Flash
The Flash continues to stand out, if only because of Iris and how amazing her presence is on screen. It is really incredible that we get a Black woman in this leading role because she continues to be our favorite character and we just don't deserve her. In addition, the show allows other POC to have their own stories be told throughout the seasons, it feels natural but it also comes off like there is an attempt to be inclusive in a way that other shows might not be.

6. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Chilling Adventures has a diverse main cast as well as a non-binary character that is figuring out their journey throughout the upcoming seasons. Susie isn't given a label right away, with fans following along as they piece together who they really are with the help of their friends. There is also Ambrose, he is pansexual which is a label that offers representation for fans of the show as well.

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