23 Of TV's Most Scientifically Inaccurate Tropes

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7. CPR (Lost)

CPR (Lost)
A kid, or a boyfriend, nearly drowns but is pulled out of the water and miraculously revived through the power of CPR. We've watched that scene enacted in so many different ways, and we're so gripped by the tension that we fail to notice how much they're doing wrong. First, someone who drowns has water in his lungs, so pinching his nose and breathing into his mouth won't be of much help. Also, no one tells you how you will probably separate his ribs from his sternum, assuming you're doing it right. Also, don't take a break when you get tired, and in a lot of cases, you will actually break a few ribs during the chest compressions. So much for that kiss they usually share immediately after he is revived. In reality, that'll be hard to do when you wake up feeling like you've just been run over by a minivan.

8. Missing Headrests (The Big Bang Theory)

Missing Headrests (The Big Bang Theory)
This doesn't really take much deciphering because no one in real life buys a car with no headrest. Is it really that difficult to get a good angle on the guy in the backseat without yanking the headrest out of the seat? Whiplash is not a very pleasant thing to experience.

9. Labour (The Gifted)

Labour (The Gifted)
From the first signs of labor to child delivery, the time taken can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, sometimes more. Yet, pregnant women on TV would scream "The baby is coming!" the moment they get their first contraction.

10. Knock Out Punches (Daredevil)

Knock Out Punches (Daredevil)
Protagonists usually like to prove to us how not evil they are by not shooting the bad guy's henchmen when they're trying to infiltrate his hideout. What we often see is a lot of knockout punches and kicks to the back of the head that keeps the men unconscious for as long as the story needs them to be. You see, the problem here is any blunt force trauma strong enough to knock you out for more than a few seconds will most likely shatter your skull and leave bone fragments lodged in your grey matter, not to mention the possibly irreversible brain damage. Maybe you should just shoot them. It's more merciful that way.

11. Fire Suppression Systems (Roseanne)

Fire Suppression Systems (Roseanne)
There might be a few exceptional cases, but a sprinkler only goes off in the area where the fire outbreak was detected instead of the uniform burst of water from all rooms and floors of a building. Besides that, the water you see jetting out of the sprinklers is filthy, stagnant water that has been sitting for years, and it stinks to high heavens. Bonus points if the two lovebirds stand close under the water and soulfully stare into each other's eyes. That's gross, guys. STOP IT!

12. Archery (Revolution)

Archery (Revolution)
Anyone who has pulled on anything that is not a compound bow knows just how difficult it is to hold on to the string for more than a few seconds. When characters pull an arrow on an enemy, ready to shoot, but instead go off on a long, winding monologue, we're left to either admire the characters unmatched arm strength or we realize that he just doesn't know how stiff the string is supposed to be.

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