23 Supernatural Shows to Keep You Up All Night

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7. Grimm

The world is full of supernatural creatures that seem to have converged on Portland where Nick Burkhardt is trying to live a normal life. But when you're a Grimm, you're underlying duty is to battle these monsters to help make the world a better place. Grimm aired on NBC for six seasons and can be watched on Amazon Prime.

8. Les Revenants

Les Revenants
There are two versions of Les Revenants (The Returned), a French version which aired on Sundance, and the American version which aired on A&E. While the American version will definitely creep you out, the French version will scare you silly. The residents of a small French town are aghast when the dead return. These aren't flesh-eating zombies making their way back to the living, but people who died and come back alive and normal. But things aren't normal as strange things start happening that put the residents on edge. Could the scariest kid on television, Victor, be to blame? Les Revenants is available to stream on Netflix.

9. Millennium

One of the all-time freak out shows ever stars Lance Hendrickson as Frank Black, the mysterious and morose former FBI agent who has the uncanny ability to see into the minds of criminals. But Black is a magnet for the supernatural and as the end of the world draws near (back in the 90s people thought the world was going to end at the millennium), he has to face some of the most powerful demonic forces known to mankind -- including perhaps the devil herself. Unfortunately, Millennium is only available on DVD, but if it's available at your local library, it's worth checking out.

10. Outcast

Rome, West Virginia is the place you DO NOT want to visit. Outcast follows Kyle Barnes who has been plagued by demonic possessions his entire life. When he teams up with local evangelist, Reverend Anderson to battle the demons who've made their home in his town, they both realize they've bitten off more than they can chew. Outcast is available to watch on the Cinemax Channel or on Amazon Video.

11. Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful
Literary monsters come to life in this horror series set in Victorian London. Sir Malcolm teams up with clairvoyant, Vanessa Ives, to battle supernatural creatures who have kidnapped his daughter. Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, Dorian Gray and others all make an appearance as either friend or foe. Penny Dreadful is available to stream on Netflix.

12. Stranger Things

Stranger Things
The 80s were a scary time (think about the hair), and for Joyce Byers and the residents of Hawkins, Indiana, it's a nightmare. The town is plagued by supernatural occurrences after Joyce's son goes missing and another world, only a rip in a wall away from ours, hides something terrifying. Stranger Things is an original Netflix series and is going into its third season.

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