23 Times the Devil Stole the Show

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The Devil is the detail that makes so many shows stand out from the crowd.

He is the Tempter, the Manipulator, the Prince of Darkness, with all the style, wit, and chutzpah that those titles entail.

And yeah, he commands the Army of Hell and bears a big grudge against humanity for stealing Daddy God's love away from His angels.

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So whether he is portrayed as a once-off antagonist, the wise-cracking employer, or the Big Bad Evil Guy, he's typically gonna draw focus from (and be far more interesting than) any "heroes" in the picture.

So which Beelzebub lights your Hellfire? Who has been the most iconic Lord of Hell in your opinion? Seriously, to which one would you sell your soul?

1. 666 Park Avenue -- Gavin Doran

666 Park Avenue -- Gavin Doran
Doran owns and operates a beautiful old apartment building in an elite zip code. For the right price, he can set you up with the home of your dreams. Unfortunately, that price usually includes your soul.

2. Adventure Time -- Hunson Abadeer

Adventure Time -- Hunson Abadeer
As Lord of Evil and ruler of the Nightosphere, Hunson in the embodiment of chaos and chows down on the souls of the unfortunate regularly. This doesn't, however, spare him the trials and tribulations of raising a rebellious teenager like his daughter Marceline.

3. Being Human (UK) -- Captain Hatch

Being Human (UK) -- Captain Hatch
The Devil in this narrative created the three major supernatural species -- vampires, werewolves, and ghosts -- in order to feed off the energy of their conflicts. Trapped in 1918 in a mortal vessel by a supernatural alliance between three such beings, he attempts to bring about the apocalypse when Hal and Tom accidentally cross paths with him again.

4. Brimstone -- Lucifer

Brimstone -- Lucifer
One of our funnier Devils, Brimstone's Lucifer outsources the retrieval of 113 of the worst souls in Hell to dead cop Ezekiel Stone. A bit of a micro-manager, this Luci drops in regularly to see how Stone's doing, what with having to shoot his targets in the eyes and such.

5. Castle Rock -- The Kid

Castle Rock -- The Kid
The ambiguity of Castle Rock leaves the actual identity of The Kid as a weird question mark. We know that his presence causes people around him to rise(?) to their worst potential. And we know that he hasn't aged in all the time he was imprisoned. His story about an alternate reality is pretty convincing but, remember, The Devil is also known as the Father of Lies. Whatever the truth, The Kid was crazy-creepy and caused some horrific things to happen when he was set free.

6. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina -- The Dark Lord

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina -- The Dark Lord
Originally the fallen archangel, Lucifer, the Dark Lord partners up with Lilith shortly after being cast out of Heaven and evolves into the Satan worshipped by witches. His role in Sabrina's birth ensured a sinister interest in her soul as she is key to fulfilling a prophecy that he will rule the world.

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